Monday, June 18, 2007

Tokyopop / HG / manga news

Tokyopop has lost their collective mind and decided to licenced 38 (thirty eight!) new titles. Check at good old ANN for the complete list. Of note: DNAngel art book for the bishounen and Manga Sutra - Futari H - because apparently no one told Tokyopop that this title is hentai - I eagerly await the fall out when some soccer mom's hobotaku reads this in Waldenbooks and mom bellows LAWSUIT.

Hard Gay/Razor Ramon cannot be stopped! (unless you're a wrestler girl that pops out of eggs, but anyway) Japan Probe (no pun intended) has reported that a Hard Gay manga will be released (in Japan) soon! What's it about you ask? Well... "Woman-hating Hard Gay will team up with a nice-bodied female named Seiko Honda and investigate the case of serial rapes occurring at a female dormitory." I can only hope that I find this at a con in the next few years. I shall save a spot for it on the bookshelf.

In a tiny, easily skipped blurb, AnimeOnline notices that Fushigi Yuugi creator Yuu Watase will create her first Yaoi manga, entitled Sakuragari, for mangabon Comic Rinku.

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