Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nostalgia *single tear*

Japanaradio's playlist has just this moment switched to playing some older theme songs and vocal collection selections. I got to hear a song from Love Hina (not Skaura Saku, although that song is fantastic) then the Fushigi Yuugi theme song followed by dot hack / sign and now Kigamure Orange Road.

MAN! Takes me back to the good old days. I really want to find the dj that picked this set of songs and hug him! (and squeeze him and call him George) The first box set I picked up was the first Fushigi Yuugi box. Too bad I'm still missing the black Oni box.

Otaku! Don't forget your history. This anime may not look as great as the newer releases, but they're classics for a reason. Good stuff ;_;!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mary Jane find Lolrus' Bukkit, loses dignity

In a move of epic stupidity, probably resulting in massive sales, Marvel has released a Mary Jane (wifey of Spiderman) statue. Ol' MJ is barefoot, bewbs out, barefoot, washing Spidey's costume...wish a pearl necklace on. Yes, they went there. They LIVE there. Didn't we all agree that Emma Frost was the official slut of the Marvel U? Oh wait, it's She Hulk now ;_;

Why do I think the term "Comiquette" is soon going to be co-opted and mean something else entirely?
Janet Van Dyne: "Oh, my gawd. Did you see She-Hulk today?"
Carol Danvers: "Yeah, she's turned into such a Comiquette."
(above quote from Sleestak @ Lady, That's my Skull)

Click here for an image of the statue and a parody of it featuring Spidey's rear end. Story seems to be initially found by DevilDoll, a cool girl, who now has over 9 THOUSAND, uh, hundred comments on her blog.

Edit: I suppose I should clarify for all one of you that are reading this, that I'm not so much offended with the t&a, but more with the necklace, bare feet & bucket combo. That's the insulting bit. At least with a figure like Mai Shiranui, it's more along the lines of t&a followed by massive asskicking.

Monday, May 14, 2007


I (finally) picked up a Nintendo Wii! Between that and rl being a pain, I've had a little lapse in my blogging. However, I'm back and it's time for a recap. (in no particular order)

Card Fighters DS recall (soon-ish) Expect a six week wait until an official announcement.
via Kotaku.

Maids vs. Dominatrix
es in a soccer battle supreme. It was just a matter of time until boob fallout.
via animeOnline

Agent Aika 'body' pillows. Ew. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. (nsfw!)
via Majoria's News

Japanator's ABC's of J-music "ijk" section - some particularly good selections such as Inagumi Circus Dan, Kishidan, & Yoko Kanno.

and a really funny bit of radio news from The Onion.
Ex Girlfriend Playing Virtua Fighter with someone else now
via the Onion (duh) but found before me by Kotaku