Wednesday, May 13, 2009

City of Heroes is Going Rogue

Trailer for the new expansion (which I believe will be boxed)

Remind anyone else of the Crime Syndicate?

Tekken 6 Preview

source XPlay & SD Tekken

Monday, May 11, 2009

Utada In Store "Tour" Postponed

Quote from

Utada, who is set to release her new album This Is The One on May 12th, has been forced to postpone her promotions to launch the album along with a series of in-store appearances. The 26 year-old artist, who had planned to arrive today May 11th to promote and drive the album release, has been diagnosed with an acute case of left relapsing peritonsillitis.

source: Zac Bentz and

If you were wondering what peritonsillitis IS, The Free Dictionary says it is: Inflammation of the connective tissue above and behind the tonsil.

Zombie Energy Drink?

The Plants vs Zombies twitter feed has posted a pic of 'Brain Ooze'. Wonder what it tastes like? Probably better than the Final Fantasy potion (or so I hear)

Check it out on Twitpic.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

D&D Dinner Set

Just thought I'd post this cool little geek-centric dinner set I saw on DeviantArt. User HauntedHouse667 made a D&D dice themed dinner set that she'll be selling at Supercon this June. How cool is that?

Original DA listing here.

I was lucky enough to commission some art from HauntedHouse at MetroCon a couple years back. She's great.