Saturday, September 6, 2008

AMV - More than Enough

I'm not a fan of this anime, but the AMV is good and the song gets lodged in your head.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Luigi's Revenge!

The Japanese Super Mario Strikers Commercial. The ending makes it great.

and the winners are...

Marvel Twitter Survey Results for favorite animal-themed character: 1. Wolfsbane, 2. Rhino, 3. Spider-Man/Black Panther/Squirrel Girl (tie)

That was unexpected! w00t! I had hopes she'd place, but never thought she'd win!

Marvel Universe Bio of Wolfsbane

Alan Ball, don't make Sookie a ho, kthx-

Yahoo TV wrote a nice little article about True Blood, a series I have obviously  been looking forward to. It worries me a little though.  It seems that Alan Ball, the producer and person that adapted the books to tv, has decided to sex it up a bit.

episode101_003I've read the first six books, I am pretty familiar with Sookie's Bon Temps. (the small town where she lives) I understand that Sookie's brother Jason has always been a himbo, but do they need to slut it up so much with Sookie and Bill? It's true the attraction was always there for those two, but it was more of an intrigue with Sookie, as she can't read vampire thoughts for whatever reason, and Bill's silence was a treat.

From the article:

"True Blood" also pushes the content boundaries of premium cable, with plenty of extravagantly gushing arteries and over-the-top bedroom antics to rival Showtime's "Californication" -- all mixed with a good dose of Southern gothic goofiness.

"The books are violent and that's part of the appeal," he says. "It's visceral and predatory and unapologetically sexual. And it's unapologetically romantic in the sense of an old-fashioned romance novel."

The Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire series aren't supposed to emulate the massive amounts of smut that the Laurell K Hamilton books have turned into. (which is really too bad because the first few were great). Sookie gets laid, sure - but not a lot and not right off the bat.

Like I said, I worry.

(image taken from

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Animal Themed Marvel Characters

I am really digging Marvel's Twitter Surveys (and not just the ones I think up! Heh!) The most recent Twitter survey is as follows:

Who's your favorite animal-themed Marvel character (not just named after an animal like Wolverine)?

Thery're tying this in with their 'Take 10' list. Now, Wolverine and/or Spiderman are likely to win, but let's think outside of the box shall we? I voted Wolfsbane. (hell yesh!)

As usual, Marvel's Twitter feed is here if you want to vote too.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Aquarium Update

So, I mentioned small fish being a bit too small on My Aquarium. Well, I set the tank to run while I printed a couple things and if you just leave it to run, the 'game' will pick a random fish to focus on, zoom in and follow him around for a little while, then switch to another fish. That's cool! I can see the details in my tiny danios and tetras now. Best 5 dollar expenditure ever.

Picture taken from official site.
I don't currently have any Angelfish in my tank.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Infinite Mario Kart item hack


Nintendo Wii Fanboy posted a video showing a player with infinite blue shells. I clicked on it to see the related videos. I thought the blue shell hack was only for blue shells. However, I found videos for infinite Bullet Bills as well as Infinite Lightning. Obviously, these are hacks.  I am personally not a fan of hacks. I play to have fun, not for the singular goal of winning everything evar omg.

The hacks come through a program called Ocarina, which in turn is located in a hack channel called The Homebrew Channel. I thought about linking to these sites but I'm not a huge fan of Wii hacking/modding, so I'm just going to say Google it if you must.

Image from Penny Arcade

My Aquarium on the VC

Just found out that My Aquarium dropped for the VC and picked it up immediately. This is my kind of download. I can't really keep a real aquarium in the house, so I'm happy with a virtual one.

The small fish are very small on the screen, but after watching the trailer (below) I see that they are most likely fry (baby fish) that I need to feed so they can grow. There are a bunch of 'locked' fish that I can't see yet, so game-like aspects have been attached onto the download. I look forward to relaxing and watching my fish grow.