Friday, March 7, 2008


Off to MegaCon - brb Sunday evening. :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

It gives me the sadness...

Michael Golden, the co-creator of Rogue (among various other comic book feats) will be at MegaCon and I cannot find my copy of Avengers Annual #10 for the life of me. *sigh* I'll buy the damn thing a second time if I have to but the prices are going to be disgusting inflated. Dang dude, I would have really loved to get that signed.

Here's a recent article that Newsarama did with him.
Apparently he doesn't talk to the press much.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Game Boy Papercraft

One gutted Gameboy and some wonderful papercraft skill = epic gaming art. Check it here.
source: ds fanboy

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


For some reason I never got around to watching this show. I shall correct this mistake immediately. The cute, it kills me.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Ultimate Edits

This was good enough to merit it's own post. It's Ultimates 3, but with new word bubbles added. Very funny. Click here to see the Ultimate Edit.

Blog Dump - Epic Edition

This is what I get for missing a few days blogging. Some news newer than others. More linking, less commentary.

comics / manga:
Interview with Mike Carey (writer of X-Men: Legacy) at Speaking of Legacy, Magneto is coming back.

She Hulk 26 plot summary here
. Ugh I am not enjoying Peter David's run at all. Bring me back Dan Slott, kthx.

Stan Lee is joining forces with the creator of Shaman King to make some manga. YEAH! /squee!

X-Force issue 2 preview
up at CBR.

Tomopop has some cool figures for you to peek at.
Chun Li and Chua Churam.

Psst - Octopus mecha.

Download a NIN cd for free (and legally as well) or get a collection of CDs for a measly 5 bucks.
source: Wired

Lego Batman on the DS might not stink! (source: DS Fanboy)
It will be the only one I can buy though, because the 'real' Batman Lego game isn't on the Wii or the DS. I am feeling so last gen, but I'm not! Topless Robot gives the scoop on playing as a villain. (and some neat video)

Lifehacker shows you have to make a Wii friendly home page w/ Wii Browser.

Kotaku has some (English) Arcana Heart footage. It's retailing for 30 bucks. Urgh.

Japan is neat:
Hard Gay is going to be a dad!
Ya Fuuuuuu~

Japanese emoticons cell phone straps. Ha HAH.
source: Japan Sugoi (misquoted source corrected)

Americans Work More and Sleep Less. Go figure.
source: Wired

and finally, Metal Enka from Japan Sugoi
(misquoted source corrected)

KOF XII - so. pretty.

Kotaku reports that KOF XII is NOT cell shaded. All the sprites are hand drawn. Good grief.

from the Kotaku article:
The original character drawings were modeled into 3D. Those 3D models were then rendered back into 2D. That way the 2D characters could have a greater depth of motion. Since the 2D models were devoid of color and details, artists went through each character, background, image and painstakingly added colors and drew in details pixel-by-pixel on a tablet PC.
Read the rest here

edit: We have annoyed Brandon @ Insert Credit. I think we all hoped for 2D but it's just nice to hear it confirmed.