Friday, March 9, 2007

Second Life

For a program that has no point whatsoever, I can spend so much time in Second Life. It's a bit silly, really. I camp, I lose in the casino, I run screaming from people at the beach with oversized phalluses. No one under 18 should ever wander in there, but for us jaded folk, it really can be quite interesting. What chat rooms evolved into, really.

Today I met Lucy Lowe quite by accident. She was having a conversation that I was accidentally eavesdropping on. Once I found my way out of the room I was in, I joined in and it was quite nice.
Lucy's Profile

I'll post a snap of my avatar, when I get a halfway decent one.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Dirth of DS games?

There is rumbling around the internet that there are fewer quality ds games being released over the summer. (Aside from Pokemon of course). So, I'll make a couple of completely unfounded suggestions on games that look very interesting.

Spectrobes - March 2007
Two heroes embark on a mission to save their galaxy – to do so they must excavate, awaken, train and collect all the Spectrobes they can and battle to defeat the Krawl.
by Disney Interactive
Seems like the next step in Pokemon. Still, I really like the idea of excavation, and using all of the features of the ds. Well, except the microphone. I hate blowing into my ds; it's strange and vaguely creepy.

Puzzle Quest - March 2007
An rpg where the battles are solved with puzzles. Think Culdcept + Columns = Puzzle Quest (hopefully without the awful pacing of Culdcept)
by D3 Publishing

Housewife Superstar - release date tba
The game, though it's just in concept form now, is basically about being the perfect housewife - learning flower arranging, embroidery, dressing up, and various other things, but all a bit tongue in cheek, not taking it seriously.

image & quote via Insert Credit

The character design looks fantastic.

So, the future of the ds isn't so bleak. Kill some time finishing off your plethora of Final Fantasy games for the gba/ds or pick up Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja and you'll have more time to play games and less time to whine about what is or isn't coming down the pipe.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Getting on Tecnorati

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Cap. Croaks

Comic book hero Captain America dies
NEW YORK - Captain America has undertaken his last mission — at least for now. The venerable superhero is killed in the issue of his namesake comic that hit stands Wednesday, the Daily News reported.

On the new edition's pages, a sniper shoots down the shield-wielding hero as he leaves a courthouse, according to the newspaper.

Read the rest here.
NY Times Version here

Death in Marvel Comics is never permanent. Ever. Ask Magneto or Jean Grey, or Sunfire. You get my drift. Still, bummer, Cap.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

25% off sale @ Tokyopop

From Tokyopop to my email, to you.

'Cause TOKYOPOP loves you: We are extending our exclusive 25% discount on all manga--now through March 15!

Just follow these steps:

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(2) Add all the TOKYOPOP manga you want to your shopping cart.
(3) When you check out, enter "AVENGER" in the Coupon Code box to save lots and lots of moolah on great manga!
(4) Wait by your mail box for your delivery of manga goodness.

Some suggestions from -eg-
Tramps Like Us (shoujo/josei)
Peach Girl (shoujo)
Sgt. Frog (comedy)
Sorcerer Hunters (action/comedy/fantasy)
Kodocha (comedy)
Rozen Maiden (shojo/fantasy)
Elemental Gelade (Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magical Girl, Romance)

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Paquin starring in HBO drama

Anna Paquin is taking her first role in a TV series as the star of Alan Ball's HBO drama pilot True Blood. Ball, creator of HBO's Six Feet Under, is set to direct and executive produce the new show, which has also cast Ryan Kwanten and Sam Trammell. The story, based on Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire book series, is about vampires who integrate into a small Louisiana town and a love story between a vampire and Sookie Stackhouse (Paquin), a waitress who can read people's minds.

Info from

It's more of a murder mystery than a love story. I've read at least 4 of the Southern Vampire Series novels and they're all pretty damn awesome. Although looking at Amazon, I'm pretty far behind still. Anywho, novels reccomended - I'm also way excited for the show. Anna will make a great Sookie Stackhouse.

Pick up the books: