Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Another Black Lagoon figure

Revy this time. Absolutely amazing. It's 4,190 yen (about 35 dollars American) and worth every penny by the look of it. I drool in it's general direction.

via animeOnline

Card Fighters DS is so very...broken

Kotaku breaks my little heart with this one. Card Fighters DS "contains a game-stopping glitch that keeps you from being able to collect all the cards" The entire story is here - but essentially all games released in the US have a glitch that appears in the 2nd playthrough and crashes the game. The worst part is that all the A level and S level cards are after the glitch. Soooo, you'll never get the good cards. Ever. SNK is "looking into it" ...yeah.

Good grief, I hope there is a recall.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Masane Figure

Beautiful Masane figure (Witchblade) at Hobby Stock. I'm not sure how old it is, being that I don't read the moonlanguage, (2006?) but it's nice to see a figure of her that's not so...fleshy. However, I am fairly sure that this is the figure with the squishy boobs that I referred to in an earlier post.
Why must they ruin everything?

Earthworm Jim

I found a very cool (and well designed) Earthworm Jim fan site. I hadn't realized that fan sites had fallen out of favor over the years (till I built one recently). Earthworm Jim is such a cool, quirky game that it really deserves a fan site. So, go look at Rocket Worm, ok?. (and someone make a GOOD EWJ game, ok? The DS awaits it!)