Monday, August 4, 2008

Blog Drop - Posting about Marvel edition.

Marvel comics are all over the place. All over the internets of late as well.

Being all over said intertubes, they've joined the Twitter bandwagon.

Marvel editor tries to take over DC comics offices (but did they have a flag?)

This rant at io9 about the Dodson cover for Uncanny 500 gives me the rage. There are times to complain about how women are portrayed in comics and then there is randomly pulling stuff out of your bum. Stuff like this is why people think that when legitimate complaints are made, they are ignored or mocked. Thanks for continuing to cry wolf!

X- Men Milestones on Marvel Digital Comics

Does Cyclops need to be put in the psych ward? A fun comics "news" story

Some of the cooler cosplayers at San Diego Comic Con (from Agent M's twitpics)
Black Queen

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Izuna 2 poster - posted

Put up my Izuna poster. (with a little help from the Ogre ears I got at Universal)

I really need to Windex that mirror 0_o;