Thursday, April 12, 2007

irl Gambit?

As you may or may not know, I utterly loathe the Xmen character Gambit. However, he'd be a little more tolerable if he was this guy.

Paul Jean
Age: 29
Nice, France
Current Salon:
Paul-Jean's Salon on Robertson Ave. in West Hollywood, CA.
Signature Style:
Shaggy looks that look like natural perfection

He was on the first ep of the Bravo TV show 'shear genius'. Too bad he was voted off at the end of said episode (omg spoiler!) He's Gambit - bad accent, strange hair, awful attitude, & full of swagger. (except, cute & amusing)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"Self Destruction USB Button"

What this thing actually does (aside from making a cool noise) is add usb ports to your pc. While I am good with the 4 ports I have, I'd still love to have this bad boy sitting on my desk. It'd be even better for a workplace pc.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Yaoi Publisher Goes Bankrupt

Japanese yaoi novel publisher Leaf Shuppan has declared bankruptcy. Considering that BIBLOS, Japan's former largest yaoi publisher, went bankrupt last year, it seems that even if it sells well, yaoi doesn't necessarily make the big bucks you'd expect.

Read it all here via animeOnline

So as rabid as those insane fangirls are at the cons, (and they can be WAY batshit crazy) they're still not spending enough. Spend more BL girls, I need to stand in the manga section at Borders and do my 'dirty old lady' laugh. It frightens my friends. ^^

Pac Man Vs on DS

Namco Bandai Games announced today that they're bringing yet another Namco Museum to store shelves this summer, this time for the Nintendo DS. However, this one contains the Gamecube multiplayer hit Pac-Man Vs.!

Read it all here
via Kotaku

Oh by the way, that ghost image is available as a t-shirt from Club Namco, in case you were wondering.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Mai figure almost scoops Kotaku

While looking through figures yesterday, I saw a very well painted Shiranui Mai figure.(whether it was on my daily trolls or on a Japanese site, I have no idea)It's super nice, but a bit too much rear end for my tastes kthx. So, I posted about Ogiue-san instead. Kotaku did a feature on the Mai figure a day later. Drat! While I do have an eye for newsworthy stuff, it's apparently off the mark a tiny bit.
Here's the feature on the Mai sculpt

Edit: 4-10-2007
Hah! I did scoop animeOnline! WOO~
They covered the Ogiue-san fig as well. (see below) <3>

Genshiken figure - Ogiue-san

My hero, in a cosplay outfit with her hair down (not in the usual paintbrush fashion!)


On the off chance you can read the moon language. It's at Hobby Stock Japan.