Friday, December 7, 2007

Wolverine Movie Info

Devil Doll of W& fame has found some information on the upcoming Wolverine movie. It's an interview with the screenplay writer. He seems like an okay guy. Gotta love a fellow geek.

"One of the things I loved about working on that movie is knowing that it would make my 14-year-old self so happy..."

Read the entire article at The Jew Review.

Also, Hugh Jackman @ the beach. Guh. :0~

Speed Racer Trailer

This is going to be so bad that it's good. I am so there.

Anime News Network found it first.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Freezepop has Brainpower

Freezepop has posted the song that they contributed to Rock Band on their MySpace page. (they're not in GH3 due to the fact that Harmonix had nothing to do with it). At any rate, the Harmonix/Freezepop love continues with 'Brainpower' - a song about naming your band. It's rather cute, really. (doesn't really match with my punked out swamp-rat looking drummer chick, but whatev.)

If you were wondering, (which I am very sure you were not) the Rock Band name my friends and I selected was Impact Replay (yes we watch MXC too much)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Rogue fanart by Steven Sanchez

I mourn the complete and utter lack of Rogue in Messiah CompleX thus assuage my sadness, (and for the lulz) I present to you:

Rogue with a crab on her head.

Gawd, I love Steven Sanchez.
Click here for the large version.

More free anime....woo~

Anime News Network reports:
"BOST Digital Entertainment has begun streaming the first episode of the Keitai Shoujo school romance anime series to North America, Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, and the United Kingdom for free today."

Read the details here for info on how and when to watch.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Ninja Nonsense ep 1 streaming

ANN reports that Ninja Nonsense (the anime formerly known as Shinobuden) has episode 1 up at IGN to watch (for free!). This episode is apparently released to mark the release of the Ninja Nonsense box set. It's 89.99 but you get the entire series and all this swag:

Plus: Reversible covers, character bios, interviews with the Japanese cast, TV spots 1-18, textless openings and closing, "Kurukururin" (closing) full-size video, original U.S. trailer and Right Stuf / Nozomi Entertainment trailers. Also: Four booklets featuring production journals, "Happy Doodles" from the Japanese staff, liner notes and more. Finally: The Complete Collection - Limited Edition includes a special mini-manga by creator Ryoichi Koga celebrating the box set release, an Onsokumaru squeeze toy and a ninja-trainee headband.

That's a lot of stuff.