Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hachi disappears?

The statue of Hachiko - the legendary loyal canine who's a recognizable landmark, the busiest meeting spot right outside of Shibuya station in Tokyo, and the inspiration for Nana Komatsu's nickname - was swiped in the late morning hours of Saturday night.

Read the entire article here

I'm calling this one an April Fool's joke because of this section of the article:
Theft of the icon has spurred an international outcry. Shibuya Ward's Sister City, the Sixth Arrondissement of Paris, France, expressed its "profound sympathy" and promptly offered to cast a new replacement for "le toutou fidele," provided Shibuya agrees to accept a poodle.


A poodle...
no way, mang.

Grim Grimoire News (also Odin Sphere!)

I guess I can't blame Kotaku for waiting for an official press release, but Grim Grimoire will officially be released in the US. There has been rumor of this floating around online for a while, via insert credit and/or Majoria's News. So, yeah official. I hope to pick it up - the art is fantastic.

Here is the site for all of NIS America's upcoming releases - Dragoneer's Aria looks very cool. Too bad there were no game play videos from it.

In a similar art vein, Odin Sphere will be released stateside as well. (via Atlus) Of course, as with all Atlus releases, the run will be tiny, so grab one as soon as they are available.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Upcoming XMen Story Arc(s)

I didn't realize that ish 200 was coming so soon. For a writer that has Rogue listed as his favorite character, he sure treats her poorly. Majoria's News found a really nice (kinda long) interview with the current X-Men writer (at least through ish 203). After reading it, I'm really, really antsy to see what happens. (which is a good thing ...unless you're a pessimist - and aren't all Rogue fans pessimists at heart?)

Important new stuff:
  • Return of the Marauders
  • Return of Gambit (probably without 'gas powers' - I never knew he had them. How stupid is a GAS power ~_~;)
  • Return of Sinister, as a result of M Day and all the mutants going poof
  • Return of Jubilee (yay!)
  • Probable addition of Cyclops & Storm to the team. (with TWO leaders, they're bound to kick Rogue out as leader)
  • Another giant X-book crossover @ ish 200 (because House of M, Civil War & The Initiative weren't enough. SIGH.
Ok, here's how I'm calling it. Rogue gets some strange power 'issue' - either controls them all, or reverts to 'absorb only'. Runs into Gambit and Sinister, gets recruited into Sinister's team. The above scenario would suck. What I would like to happen is this: Rogue meets up with Gambit, tells him to drop dead, moves on with her life FINALLY. Sinister recruits Mystique and/or Lady Mastermind. Karima actually does something. Anything. Seriously, for being half Sentinel, she's pretty useless.

Edit: After looking at the cover to X-Men 199, (above) it looks like Rogue has lost a good chunk of her life force. Last time this happened, there was a big fight between her & Ms. Marvel - where Marvel lost (and should have died kthx)

Going to check out Mike Carey's blog - apparently he goes into some philosphical discussions on the characters. Worth looking into, to see what he thinks is going on in Mystique's head.

And finally, here's Marvel's blurb on 200:

Blinded by the Light, Part 1 of 4.
Jump on board here! This is where it all begins! The X-Men face meltdown from within and from without... and their leader, Rogue, faces something worse. Meanwhile a mysterious strike force is taking out the few remaining mutants one by one, with ruthless efficiency. But who is the ultimate target? This special double-sized anniversary issue features a plethora of mutant guest stars, the return of several fan-favorites, and a devastating face-off against the deadliest villain team in the X-Men's forty-four year history! FEATURING THE FIRST ENDANGERED SPECIES BACK-UP STORY LEADING UP TO THIS FALL'S X-MEN EVENT!
64 PGS./Rated A …$3.99

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ouendan + Nodame = WIN

Nintendo grabbed the liscence to Nodame Cantabile and signs point to another Ouendan type game. I'm going to have to import this when I get some cash. What if I can be the timpani player? Glee!

Osu! Tatakae! Nodame Cantabile!

via ds fanboy

Best Buy is Awful

and stuff like this is why:

Best Buy Manager Tries to Void XBox Warranty

The clerk told the customer that Microsoft handles all warranties on the Xbox360 and that Microsoft would not allow BestBuy to exchange the device.

via Kotaku, via Consumerist.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Utada = Painfully Cute

Being that Japan enjoys torturing their celebrities in various ways, animeOnline (via Japan Sugoi) has posted a clip of pop star Hikaru Utada being equally surprised and embarrassed. In general,I have sympathy embarrassment, but this is hysterical. Someone go hug that woman!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Fungaah indeed.

The first Ichigo Mashimaro OVA is floating around the internet right now, but I don't expect it to be there long. (get it! get it now before it's too late!)

The original Ichigo Mashimaro TV series has been liscenced in the US (by Geneon) for a little while now, under it's translated name, Strawberry Marshmallow. If you don't know, (what, have you been living under a rock?) Strawberry Marshmallow is a comedy/slice of life series, much like Azumanga Daioh, but less surreal.

Dude. Fungaah.