Saturday, May 23, 2009

Otaku Swap - A Touch of Old School

I am an otaku.
However, being an otaku makes me low on cash all the time. How can I get my fix of anime and manga and not break the bank? My personal solution to this was signing up for and I've had pretty good luck with both of the sites thus far. Some of my friends have had problems finding stuff they like. I find that if you're persistent and have an open mind (There are very few manga that I won't read) that you'll definitely find something that tickles your fancy. However, if you're still having problems, I am here to make some reccomendations. When I post links to these books/dvds they are available. However, if they're gone, you can always put them on your wish list. Oh by the way, unless noted, these are not books/dvds I have posted myself.

All New Tenchi Muyo Vol 1 - Alien Nation
Why?- The Tenchi Muyo series is one of the all time anime classics (yeah I said it) and it would do you good to get some of the manga and get an idea of what the series was about and why it's so popular. It's one of the earlier harem anime before the market was utterly saturated. (with a dash of sci-fi)

Paradise Kiss vol 1
One of the best josei manga I have ever read. It's about fashion and relationships and love, and finding your way in life. I don't even care about fashion but Ai Yazawa's art is amazing. There are only 5 volumes total and it wouldn't kill you to read at least 1.

Real Bout High School vol 1

It's a fighting/battle manga with a little sci fi/fantasy flare to it. Far better than the anime turned out.

Cowboy Bebop 1st Session (posted by me)
Another classic series. Bebop not only has a wonderful soundtrack but a good mix of action, character development and science fiction. (with a little bit of a classic western feel)

Dragonball Z
I really don't need to explain this.
There is an ABSURD amount of DBZ on SwapaDvd. Right now there are 64 different dvds posted. Surely there's one in there that will fill a hole in your collection.

Love Hina vol 1 - Moving In
Oh Love Hina, a series that everyones loves but it will completely polarize fans of the series as to whether main character Naru Narusegawa is a horrible human being or just THE ultimate tsundere. (my bf is in the first camp, I am in the second). If you want a romantic comedy harem anime with all the classic character types, Love Hina is it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Arkaham Asylum

Pamela "no pants" Isley in Arkham Asylum. 0_0~!

source: Kotaku

Utada + Seacrest? =Wut.

Heard about this on the radio last night. Utada has some video up on
Yeah, I know, it boggles my mind too, but it's clever marketing.

Some mini rants:
I am so tired of them calling her The Japanese *add pop star here*. Now it's Madonna, where it was formerly the Japanese Britney Spears. It would not surprise me if that offended Utada greatly. "Yeah, you're like the nutjob, drug addicted, head shaving pop star we all like to mock! Yeah!" Also, could Ryan have greeted her in a more offensive way? Crikey, just punch her in the eye next time and maybe we'll think you're less of a racist d-bag. She's from Japan, not outer space.

Muscle March

You want this.

Thanks to Emiko for the tip!