Saturday, August 8, 2009

Spyborgs trailer

Looks good to me. :) (and it's on the Wii!)

Friday, August 7, 2009

a couple things I forgot

Penny Arcade is doing a Tekken comic (Kangaroooooos!)
via TekkenBob

and my girl crush, Anna Paquin got engaged to her co star in True Blood, Stephen Moyer. Guess the sex scenes worked in his favor eh?
source: WR Beta

ps, the tourney is over, casuals are happening. Final rankings c/o Slasher
God's Garden Japanese #SF4 Tourney - Mago (SA) champion, Uryo (VI) 2nd, Daigo (RY) 3rd

Twitter Friday

Hey all, (all 10 of you, hahah!) I finally got the Cannonball achievement a couple nights ago! Good times! Shaving that time from 6 min to 4 mins is going to be very difficult for me. I feel plenty fast now. Moving on, GIJoe: Rise of Cobra opens tonight, you going? I am :)

In comics news, seems Bill Willingham had some issues with his Fables panel at SDCC. I really appreciate what he tried to do for his fans. Fabletown vs San Diego

God's Garden Japanese #SF4 Tourney LIVE - Daigo (Ryu) vs Tetsu (ELF) - Live Stream:
running now, don't know how long it will last. (215pm EST)
Source: Slasher's Twitter Stream

RT @schnuth: RT @lawmune: Asuka (from Evangelion) illustrated by Yoshitoshi ABe:
source: Benu's Twitter Stream

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cool Arcade

Poking around the intertubes and I've discoved the web site for an arcade that I'd love to visit. Too bad it's in California. (the last stand for arcades in the US, mainly because of the big fighting game scene) Check out the games list for Denjin Arcade. They even have Japanese style sit down cabinets. So swank.

Barring a couple around here and in Orlando, the arcade scene is properly dead in Florida.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's a day ending in "y". Time for random news bits.

Hi, how's it going? I'm currently obsessing over the "Cannonball" achivement in KoF 12. I had no problem ripping through arcade mode in 10 minutes, or 8 even. In fact, I think I did that the first time I played. (there's a reason I have characters in City of Heroes/Villains named Mucho Aggro and Muchacha Aggro) ANYWAY, 6 minutes flat is giving me problems. I've come within a second of doing it. I shall keep on keepin' on with my boy Joe Higashi. I need more combos like these.

There's a Batman demo coming on Aug 7th for the 360 and PS3.

Want to play Champions Online FOREVAR? Well, you can, for the low, low cost of 200 dollars.
source: Destructoid

Anyone playing Tetris Online? It seems fun.

Someone from was at Anime Festival Orlando this weekend (I was there on Saturday, myself!) and got some good cosplay pics.

In an unrelated note, they also found a webiste where cute Japanese girls hold up signs that tell you what time it is. Oddly fascinating.

Also, holy crap, 4kids is for sale!
via AICN's Twitter Feed.

BWAHAHAHAHA! The banjo guy in this amuses me for some reason.

A Little KoF 12 gameplay

very nice, good play by both players. Match could have gone either way at the end. (although it kind of proves that a your best defense is a good offence.)