Friday, August 1, 2008

XPlay Likes Izuna!

Good times! And here I thought they'd poo-poo it because of it's graphics and the fact that it's a dungeon crawler.

Video here (it doesn't want to embed)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Lego Batman : Nightwing

Goku called, he wants his hairdo back XD

Shopping at MetroCon

nabiki_dollars Proper MetroCon report later, but for now I'll share the URLs of some of the booths that I shopped at. Give them your dollars!

My dollars went here mostly:

Haunted House - got a flipping wonderful commission from these ladies. It makes my eyes go *_* 13 shades of awesome, to be sure.

Anime Pagoda - picked up a cute little Sango-chan pin. Miroku was soooold out.

The Dark Side - got a UFS Chun Li starter deck and 10 packs of boosters (on sale for a dollah!)

Armada Games - didn't do much shopping at the booth, but they're super cool, my friends love them and I plan on visiting the store.

ello studios - got the cutest Wolverine plushie that I pawed on all day Saturday.

Kandy Girl Designs - got some buttons for me and the SO. Nice girls, they dig comics and gaming, like ME.

Nihonzashi - Japanese swordsmanship - Equipment, Supplies, Service and Training. Not going to lie, I can't afford their swords. But if you can, they are of very high quality.


Tofu Pimp - These girls are great artists, wonderful table neighbors and cute Sailor Moon cosplayers. Love them.

Unlazy - Another great artist in Artist's Alley

Kay Monster - my friend got a great sketch of all of the Flashes over the ages. Cool chickie!

Manganaise - a young artist with a great future. She won some stuff from the Tampa Bay Anime raffle. We snagged some stickers. Urd for me, Hinata Hyuga (edit: not Sakura as previously posted) for the SO

Hihoshi - Specialty Commissions and Caricatures. Good times.

EXP Con in St Augustine

MomoCon at Georgia Tech (this one has free admission!)