Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gamestop Preorder Malfuction (opinion)

So I was inquiring at my local Gamestop, on how they're doing with their preorders. Not so great, it seems. Not surprising with the economic downturn. I attempt to rectify their preorder situation by putting money down on My World, My Way - the Atlus parody rpg. You know how it is with Atlus games, they have low print runs so you really need to snap them up right away or risk not finding them at all. However, they do not allow pre-orders on this specific game. This happened to me before with King of Fighters XI. Apparently any titles that aren't GTA or "Teh Haloz" aren't available to preorder. In addition to this, the manager told me that games that are not available for preorder generally don't come in on their initial release date, they are shipped in a few days later. I could preorder this game on but I was hoping to use a 10 dollar credit I had.

Bleh, between the incredibly low trade "values" they offer and the absurd preorder siutation, it's really no surprise that people are just sticking online and trading through Goozex and preordering through Amazon.

Monday, January 19, 2009

DCU Online Trailer

The heroes and such look great, but I really want to see combat and character creation videos too. Lots of cons coming up so they're likely to bring an information flood.

(ps If I play I will totally be Oracle's flunky)

source: Destructoid. Read their article here.