Friday, September 7, 2007

Street Fighter - The Later Years part 4

now up! whee! (I've been waiting for ChunLi)

Eps 1 through 3 are here, if you missed them (you bad otaku, you)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

X-Men - anime style

Seems they re-did the intro to X-Men for Japanese release. Gotta love the speed lines. We can't have heroes without speed lines! Also, this song has Guilty Gear written all over it.

Much thanks to Brotha Kyo for pointing it out.

Here's a link to the American one, in case you forgot. (I had this music as my ring tone for the longest time)

There was a second Japanese one too.
Care for an IRL version?
Theme on guitar?

Ok, I'm just getting carried away now...

edit: I never thought there would be a punk rock love song to Rogue. I was wrong. 0_0!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Virtual Console Update...for Japan

Just so you know what you're missing if you're outside of Japan, Cyberfanatix reports that they'll be getting Garou Denestu (Fatal Fury) as well as World Heroes.

Garou can be obtained stateside on Fatal Fury Battle Archive 1 for the PS2 (good luck finding it) but World Heroes isn't available for any of the current gen consoles. You can get it through GameTap if you want to pay the monthly fee or wait for it to go free for a week. (no I don't get a kickback for linking to gametap, I wish I did though)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Does Kaorin Creep You Out?

Best AMV I have seen in a while. Then again, I'm all about the Azumanga Daioh goodness.

Labor Day Weekend Blog Dump!

Hello, good evening, Happy Labor Day weekend and all that.

Cosplay? Why yes, it is.
Cyberfanatix has some awesome KOF 2006 (aka Maximum Impact 2) cosplay pictures. (didn't that B Jenet outfit have black wings painted on the back? I'm just saying, if you go into that much detail, see it through.

Danny Choo has a great Sailor Moon group and one terrifying Sailor Mercury. 0_0!

the good:
First few pages of She Hulk 21 are up at CBR. (it's there, keep scrolling) I want to hug Dan Slott.
Madam Mirage 3 review/preview @ ComicVine.
the bad:
X-Men 203 preview up at ComicVine. Please, make Ramos go away...
Amazons Attack #6 is released. An awful ending to an awful miniseries. To quote the internet(s), it is made of suck and fail. Someone hates Gail Simone.

insert credit found Nodame Cantabile DS on sale at play asia for 15 bucks. Do want. I think it shall be mine. Yes.

VS System
Marvel Legends expansion for the VS system is on the way! Yeah!
Shuffle and Cut has a card list with all the text except the there's no telling which characters are really worth your while yet.
Another Rogue for my collection & She Hulk has some fantastic flavor text. Savage Beatdown is getting reprinted, but it's still a rare. Weak.

They're making a live action porn with Lucky Star characters. Wait....I just threw up in my mouth a little. :0~
source: Canned Dogs

Old Grandma Hardcore is playing Overlord. I don't know anything about it as I am a scrub without a 360, but she still makes me laugh. Sound is nsfw. She drops the f bomb about 500 times.