Saturday, April 7, 2007

KOF 06 match - Jivatma vs B Jenet

You can see when B really gets her groove on.
Best parts: end of Round 2- THE SHOE followed by laugh/taunt/cancel
That guy deserves a beating for playing as the boss character. That's just obnoxious.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Hayate the Combat Butler fansub released

This is my favorite pick for the new season of anime - probbly because I've read a few volumes of the manga. Gasubasubakuhatsu anime blog has some impressions of episode 1. I am downloading it as I type. Find it in your usual anime DL channels. (Hayate no Gotoku if Hayate the Combat Butler doesn't come up in your search)

Also downloading Maiking Breakthrough Gurren-Lagann (aka Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann) because a few of the anime blogs I read are freaking out about it. Generally, I hate mecha anime but I try to watch them every so often in case one breaks the mold. (no pun intended)

Gurren Lagaan Official Trailer

Thursday, April 5, 2007

B(onne) Jenet figure

Ok, so it looks like her breasts are trying to escape from her but STILL - this figure is very cool. (as cool as her G&H costumes from KOF 06? Hardly, but what is?) I've been frothing over various B Jenet figures and statues lately. Running though Mission Mode with her isn't helping the obsession... ~_~; How can you not love a character that will stop what she is doing to beat someone with her shoe?

SR DX KOF B Jenny 1P Pirates Ver. Ltd. Color
buy it at Hobby Link Japan! Buy it now! Spread the love of the mighty B Jenet!
*bad announcer voice: B JENNEY!*

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Kotaku-ites Hate Second Life

Kotaku posted a news story about Second Life - well, another story in a series. Turns out that they'll be charging for custom last names. The feature will likely cost $100 up front and $50 a year. Read the entire post here. Do I think this is ridiculous? Yeah, pretty much, but that being said, it will also be wildly popular and the Lindens that Be will be lighting their cigars with $100 dollar bills. Reading through the comments on Kotaku, I must say, they HATE SL and all that frequent that world. While I have had run ins with everything from griefers (assholes) to furries (not as terrifying as initially suspected...but still...brr) - I find no reason to hate the place. Anywho, I commented on it, but so far Kotaku thinks my comments aren't post worthy XD SO! I'll post it here and make you suffer through it. (and also suffer through a vanity shot of my avatar!)
Ok, people are having fits over having to buy vitual last names, but no one cares about the other thousands of useless micro-transactions in SL?

It's not particularly easy to get free Lindens to spend in there without dropping real money on them. So, why isn't anyone agast that people are spending cash on everything from virtual penises to bubblegum?

SL doesn't particularly offend me as much as it may offend others. It's really a shiny, shiny chat room with options to script and build. I've found that some of the ore 'hardcore' SL-ers aren't really gamers, so it's as much of a hobby to them as gaming is to Kotaku-ites. They probably don't think twice about dropping cash into their particular hobby.

They're going to make a crapton of money off of this. Guaranteed.

Monday, April 2, 2007

I called it!

animeOnline's report of a missing Hachiko was indeed an April Fool's Day joke! Ha HAH! Well done, but they can't fool this geek.

Great Shades of Reiko...

Japanese bikini models (knows as gravure idols) "learn how to do sumo, take a quiz and have matches"

Matches. Right. *headdesk*

Their outfits remind me of Reiko's superstar outfit in Rumble Roses XX. Coincidence? Probably not. Gravure info via JapanSugoi. The connection made was in my twisted little mind.

English Interview with Ayu

Aired 2006-12-08 on CNN International - 22 mins long

Her English is pretty good, although a bit accented. I assumed she didn't speak English at all. (and that's what you get for assuming) You have to love the complex ways that celebrities dodge questions. I don't think the interviewer quite understood the implications of 'growing up' and no longer being child-like in Japan. As I understand it, dreams are for the young and when you grow up, you end up an office lady or some other equally dull and uninteresting career path.

interview info via JapanSugoi