Tuesday, November 13, 2007

File Under: WTF?

This seems to be the Japanese version of the Elaine "full body dry heave" dance. Wow.

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(don't do drugs, kids!)

Marvel Comics Online (kills Marvel.com)

PCWorld reports that Marvel comics will be opening a digital archive of their older comics.

"Unlike a music-based service that lets you download content, Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited is all online. "

Read the entire article here.

I went to Marvel.com to read some of the details, but during my arrival, the site was down. News big enough to crash the House of Ideas. Epic.

Monday, November 12, 2007

It's a Trap!

Heisei Democracy spies with their little eye...a trap!

They found that Max Factory is producing a Bridget pvc figure.

The details: 1/7 scale (22 cm tall) and 6,800 yen retail

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Great Shades of She Hulk!

found on digg

No Stereo for YOU! (Wii GH3 owners)

So digg has dugg (hur!) up some evidence that Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii is not in stereo. It comes out of both speakers, but both speakers are sending out that groovy mono sound. That's no good.

Also, Judy Nails has a giant pumpkin head.
Give me back my Pandora!

Another One Bites the Dust...(X-Men 205)

So, there's a preview for X-Men 205 up at ComicVine - part 5 of the Messiah Complex storyline and apparently someone dies. Will it be a Jean Grey "I'll be back" kind of death? Who knows. (probably) However - if they kill who I think they're going to kill, oh the joyous day I will have.
Dancing, I will do it.

Oh, and a redesigned Lady Deathstrike? Niiiiiice.

If Mr. Sinister is bringing back his old creations, tell him to bring back Madelyne Pryor again. It makes no sense, but what the hell - Goblyn Queen was cool.