Tuesday, May 8, 2007

More Momusu Fallout!

Nozomi Tsuji, the 19-year-old Hello! Project staple since 2001 and leader of the newly created J-girl group Gyaruru, is two months pregnant and has decided to get married to 26-year-old actor Taiyo Sugiura.
via animeOnline

This news caused me to yell WHAT! at my computer quite loudly. (see my previous post for info on her new group)

Monday, May 7, 2007

New (Strange) Jpop Group - Gyaruru

Nozomi Tsuji (aka Nono) has always been one of the most disturbing members of Morning Musume. She always tortured Ayaka, and just did really strange things all the time. Continuing her strange behavior cycle, she is part of a new girl group called Gyaruru. Their 'style' is based on ganguro fashion trends.

Just for kicks, they added "champion food eater" Gal Sone to the group recently. The third member of Gyaruru is Ami Tokito - she's the meganekko, but it looks as though there is no glass in her frames. (I have no idea who the fourth girl is in that picture)

This is strange, even by jpop standards.

Via JapanSugoi - read their coverage here
There is a Gyaruru fan site in English - credit to them for the photo.

Xmen 199 Preview

The closer this arc comes to ending, the more nervous X-Men writer Mike Carey makes me. Look at the picture. (Click it!) She looks stone-faced (literally) and flies directly into the thing that is destroying Cable's island. 0_0;

official Marvel blurb
paranoia>X-Men #199 will not only change Cable forever, but also dramatically alter the course of Rogue's life—and that's putting it lightly! Faced with a seemingly unstoppable enemy, the X-Men will have to risk it all to win and just wait till you see how it all ends!

Seriously Mike, Marvel isn't into retconning it's stories unless you're a Summers or have slept with one. Please, for the love of butter, do not screw up Rogue further than she already is. Her craptacular mini-series is cannon. Love the Rogue. Loooove her.

via Majoria's News / Marvel.com