Saturday, June 2, 2007

Schrodinger's Lolcat

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For those that don't know the theory...(what kind of geek are you anyway?)

Spiderman Webbing

Slashdot reports that a scientist actually thought up a way to make Spiderman-type webbing. It would be a substance called nanoglue to be the actual webbing. They could also attach it to some circuitry to make a webshooter. I love it when comic book science comes to life.

Nana gets the BOOT from Shojo Beat

In a move that I don't quite understand, animeOnline reports that Shojo Beat magazine is 'graduating' Nana to graphic novel only releases. While this will definitely increase Nana manga sales, I suspect that this will hurt their magazine sales a bit. Some people only read SB for Nana. Honey & Clover will be replacing Nana in the magazine. Baby & Me is also getting moved along (it never really fit with the theme anyway) with Haruka Naru Toki no Naka De.

Amazing Arcade Stick Mod

Just so you know, that loud 'thunk' was my jaw hitting my desk. This is truly a thing of beauty, and yes I know darn well that I am biased. *_*! As the lolcats say...DO WANTcreated by Roberto Duran @

Soul Calibur "News" (finally)

EGM will have an "exclusive" look at something new in the Soul Calibur franchise in it's next issue. (Released July 3rd) Soul Calibur Legends has already been announced, so I'm going to guess the official announcement of SC4, which was previously (accidentally) leaked. Worried Kotaku comments suspect a brawler, but like them, I hope it isn't one. You may love Smash Brothers all you want, but it's still not a fighting game.
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To the PS3 I say this - you can claim all your exclusives until they slip away, but the Wii got Soul Calibur Legends. In a childish gesture I proclaim to them "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. "

Friday, June 1, 2007

Chou Aniki Returns!

Yes, I'm serious. The incredibly strange side scrolling shooter will have a sequel, that will no doubt as as strange if not stranger than the first one. On the off chance that you don't know about Chou Aniki here is some video and a wikipedia article for those too lazy to google it.

longer article at Canned Dogs

Japan Suicide rates

Not particularly cheerful, but still very interesting and informative to read. Slate Explains High Suicide Rates in Japan. In a nutshell, "There's no single factor, but experts point to a combination of economic woes, poor mental-health resources, lenient insurance policies, lack of religious prohibition, and cultural acceptance of the practice."

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Livejournal makes the internet explode!

Livejournal does a massive ban on "questionable content", as a result, tons of LJs disappear. The group "Warriors For Innocence" is claiming responsibility for the SA/LJ decision. (Not linking it because there is a rumor that their site has spyware. Unlikely, but still...)
LJ-ers respond violently, LJ backs down and restores most of them but not all. Oddly enough, the yaoi blogs died, but the shota blogs got restored. Riddle me that, Batman. The day is now known as the great LJ Strikethrough (strikethrough denoting blogs that have been deleted) goes down in history. This all happened in a day. The long version, in detail - I can hear you all now - tl;dr. So enjoy the shorter animeOnline version.

LJ's official statement:
The class of suspensions that are being reversed are;
All Fandom journals
All fiction journals
All journals who that had problems in their profile only
A large number of journals that are clear violations of our policies will remain suspended.

News Overflow

So much to post, so little time.

You know those creepy body pillows with anime girls on them? Well, now they have boobs too. if I had to tell you that.

International Nana Day - animeOnline reports that Japan has declared that July 7th, 2007 will be International Nana Day - party starts @ 7:07 pm. Maybe the Lord of Terror will leave Hachi alone for a day...probably not.

Arts Vision seiyuu scandal comes to an end, in the only way it could. Canned Dogs reports that
Matsuda Sakumi (admitted child molester & all around asshat) has quit his job at Vision Arts. Good Riddance.

Vaguely linked to the the LJ "omg shota exists!" post above - Insert Credit reports that the "witch touching game" Doki Doki Majo Shinpan has a little boy you can prod with your stylus in addition to the mass of lolis. Maybe now that there is a boy in there people will get upset about it...unless they don't.

Movie News! DOA & Teen Titans

Dead or Alive will not die! Apparently not happy to be relegated to direct to dvd, The Last Boss reports that the movie will come to theatres June 15th. By the looks of that trailer it's awful. Cynthia Rothrock awful. My friends and I used to go to Blockbuster to rent the worst kung fu film we could find. I have found the winner and yes, I'm sitting through it. Helena on roller skates! Hah!

In order to add to the comic book movie glut, Teen Titans will be made into a movie! Yes,they will beat that dead horse thank you.
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Heroes for Hire 13 - now with 50% more tentacles

Tentacles?! TENTACLES?!
*mutters & stomps off*
click here for pretty darn nsfw image

Silver Surfer Coins Illegal

Fox Studios had a great idea to promote the new Fantastic Four movie. They created Silver Surfer coins. The front looks like a quarter, but the back has the Surfer along with the url to the movie. However, what they didn't know is that "It is a federal crime to turn any form of legal tender into a form of advertising, and violators can face a fine."

The coins were distrubuted at a measly 800 per state. With the small amount of coins released plus the controversy, these coins will be on eBay going for a mint. (har har)
-full E! online article here

In vaguely related news, Jessica Alba's non-matching eyebrows disturb me. Also, why the ultra blue contact lenses? She looked fine in the first FF movie.

New KOF Regulation A character announced

Majoria's News reports that a new character named Xiao Lon has been announced in Arcadia magazine. Cyberfanatix verifies the report and adds that in official ads for the game, there are two shadows behind Ash Crimson and Blue Mary. So, now we know that one of them is Xiao Lon - who is the other? Unknown as of yet. I'm still hopeful for Joe Higashi.

Image of Xiao Lon below.

Million Dollar Bathtub stolen

A gold bathtub that lives in a Tokyo hotel has vanished. All 176 lbs of it. Why there is a million dollar bathtub to begin with, I don't know. Well, $987,000 so not quite a million. "Someone apparently cut the chain attached to the door of a small section of the bathroom where the bathtub was placed, but not riveted, and made off with the tub..." So if you should happen to see a giant gold bathtub, call Tokyo police, ok?

article via Yahoo News

Happy Birthday Capcom

May 30th 1979, Capcom opens in Osaka, Japan. The gaming world would be a sad place without them, so Happy Birthday Capcom and thanks from me personally for making Rival Schools and Project Justice.

via Kotaku

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Eroge Based Fighter / Jigai Makyou opinion

First Melty Blood, (based on Fate/Stay night) then Arcana Heart, followed by Big Bang Beat Heisei Democracy (eternally nsfw, but article should be ok) reports that there is a new fighting game coming out called Nitro Royale Heroines Duel. (note to Japan - shorter titles, we want them!) The characters are being slowly revealed (har har) in Eroge magazine Push!! (ugh...push? was that name really necessary?) So far, most of the fighting games based on Ero games have been well received and fun to play. Big Bang Beat is currently the 'new hotness' in the 2D fighting game world (hey, there is less & less to choose from). Personally, I'd like to see something a little different than the constant lean towards Guilty Gear type fighting controls. (dash, dash, attack...yawn)

In addition, I really would like to see some non-hentai art/ anime of Jigai Makyou, (Flash animation is safe, as for the rest of the site, you're on your own) as the character design is so stunning. (male characters with eyes?! the hell you say!) They did it with Fate/Stay - too bad that was painfully dull. However, i'm not holding my breath for an anime.

Lolcats are in your programming, destroying your code

Boing Boing reports that the internet meme Lolcats (pretty much every image I use when I need a generic image) has spead into programming language. is attempting to work lolcat code into actual programming.

Wow, and I thought I was geeky.

Arts Vision Chairman is a pervert

Matsuda Sakumi(58), chairman of Arts Vision has been charged with commiting indecent acts with a 16 year old, promising her that he'd make her a voice actress. He admitted to his wrongdoings and more voice actresses are coming forward to verify that they were sexually harassed by him as well.

Pardon my language, but what a tremendous asshole and overall horrible human being this guy is.

Canned Dogs article one, article two & animeOnline blurb

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tokyopop sale @ Books a Million

Books a Million is running a sale on Tokyopop titles - buy 2, get 1 free. Also, if you're on the mailing list (and I am!) there is a 10 dollar off coupon if you spend 50 dollars.

Skin performing at Anime Expo

Japanator reports that Skin will be playing at AX this year. Why do you care?

"Skin consists of super (pretty) stars Gackt, Miyavi, Sugizo (guitarist from Luna Sea) and Yoshiki (drummer from X-Japan.) There is little info to be found about the band other than the line-up, but do you really need to know any more? They will be performing on June 29th."

If you are in California or can get to AX and you miss this show, I officially deem you stupid.

Holiday Weekend News Extravaganza!

Ok, apparently all the news sites crammed their news in so they could have Memorial Day off. Here's a recap.

You're Under Arrest is coming back with a new season. I look forward to this - I like the live action version of the show as well.
via Heisei Democracy. Article ok, site nsfw.

Paprika article at Wired. They like it, they really really like it. (how long till no one gets that reference anymore?)

SNK drops some Maximum Impact Regulation A videos. The quality is awful, and they're in .exe format(!) but it shows Ash Crimson and Blue Mary in action. Worst use of announcer voice-over EVER.
via Majoria's News / SNK Playmore

Kotaku has some screen shots of Pokemon Battle Revolution. That and Mario Strikers Charged will be the first Wii games that are playable via wifi.

Three new Guitar Hero 80's songs announced :"Balls To The Wall" by Accept, "Only A Lad" by Oingo Boingo & "The Warrior" by Scandal.
via Kotaku

X-Men 199 FINALLY drops. Wow, it's Rogue's turn in the barrel. Go pick it up now. Shoo, shoo.
via me, the local comic shop (Emerald City Repruhzent!) , Marvel comics and Majoria's News mentioned it as well.

New character added to the Tekken 6 roster. It's Miguel and he's a matador. (yes, a matador, no I don't know why)
via Joystiq

Silly alarm clock that you absolutely need: The Danger Bomb Clock "
Wake you up every morning with Explosion Sound! To stop the bomb, you have to pull out just one code from three. The safety code is set randomly every morning."
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*deep breath* phew. That's all the news from this weekend, but there are two more bits that deserve their own posts. Stay tuned.