Sunday, May 27, 2007

Holiday Weekend News Extravaganza!

Ok, apparently all the news sites crammed their news in so they could have Memorial Day off. Here's a recap.

You're Under Arrest is coming back with a new season. I look forward to this - I like the live action version of the show as well.
via Heisei Democracy. Article ok, site nsfw.

Paprika article at Wired. They like it, they really really like it. (how long till no one gets that reference anymore?)

SNK drops some Maximum Impact Regulation A videos. The quality is awful, and they're in .exe format(!) but it shows Ash Crimson and Blue Mary in action. Worst use of announcer voice-over EVER.
via Majoria's News / SNK Playmore

Kotaku has some screen shots of Pokemon Battle Revolution. That and Mario Strikers Charged will be the first Wii games that are playable via wifi.

Three new Guitar Hero 80's songs announced :"Balls To The Wall" by Accept, "Only A Lad" by Oingo Boingo & "The Warrior" by Scandal.
via Kotaku

X-Men 199 FINALLY drops. Wow, it's Rogue's turn in the barrel. Go pick it up now. Shoo, shoo.
via me, the local comic shop (Emerald City Repruhzent!) , Marvel comics and Majoria's News mentioned it as well.

New character added to the Tekken 6 roster. It's Miguel and he's a matador. (yes, a matador, no I don't know why)
via Joystiq

Silly alarm clock that you absolutely need: The Danger Bomb Clock "
Wake you up every morning with Explosion Sound! To stop the bomb, you have to pull out just one code from three. The safety code is set randomly every morning."
via geekstuff4u

*deep breath* phew. That's all the news from this weekend, but there are two more bits that deserve their own posts. Stay tuned.

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