Monday, February 19, 2007

MegaCon 07

Pretty fabulous overall, with some snafus here and there, as to be expected.

The amvs were generally awful and fraught with technical difficulties. By the time the 'winners' were announced, someone in the crowd had shouted 'Mario Kart!' so I was ds-ing through a Death Note amv, but came back for the best comedy. It was Azumanga Daioh to a Lords of Acid song about Sakaki' My face hurt from laughing. Made the awful wait worthwhile.

Costume contest was great. The line was incredibly long and if you didn't get there 1.5 to 2 hours early, then you didn't get in. 95% of the costumes were great, with a emphasis on too many Naruto characters. @_@; I was annoyed that a Naruto kid beat a Rozen Maiden Hina Ichigo AND a incredibly cute Chiyo-chan. Oh and the winning group also had an infant in it. Infant = instant win.

I did a tiny bit of shopping. Got a shmexy print of Rogue in her new outfit - painted by Joe Pekar. *drools* Also, a couple of comic books, 2 shirts (Rogue & Trinity Blood), a FF12 pin (blind box! bleh!) and a hand made Chocobo sculpture to go with my Cactuar.

In general, I can't remember Friday, but I'm sure it was great! Saturday was surreal, and Sunday was anime dub contest, picking up and heading out. About the anime contest - the guy had an Apple machine. Now, they had been talking crap about how great Macs were at the terrible amv show. Apparently the whole system had died. So, more tech. diff. @ the dub show - the host says 'Oh calm down, everything is fine', at which point I reply (a little too loudly apparently) 'I will not calm down, I was at the amv show!' - a giant hunk of crowd laughs and gives the 'ooooh, burn' noise. *_*; whoops :) The few dubs they got were hysterical! Major props to them.

That's pretty much all that stuck in my brain. MegaCon is always a whirlwind of geeky goodness and unexpected situations.

Hello and good evening...

I've always thought about putting a blog together, but I never knew if I had anything really useful or poignant to say. After wandering around online and reading various news sites and anime blogs, I feel pretty confident that I can add to your time spent surfing the internet(s).

I recently returned from MegaCon, and my first post will be covering my opinion on a couple of events there.

I hope you enjoy my random blathering.