Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pac Makeup

Very short parody. Floating Hands Studio rocks my socks (mostly for comic book related stuff, but still)

Linky goodness

Another Death Note Parody

I have no idea why I found this funny. Death Note irritates me and I've only played Maple Story a couple of times.

(watch out, sound gets loud in the middle)

L: Yagami kun
L: ... I am L.
LIght: T-that couldn't be... What's this guy saying?!

Will Namor be there?

Best description of Namor I have heard in a while -

"Namor is the incredibly self-absorbed king of Atlantis, who invades the surface world once a decade or so. He's like Aquaman, but he can fly and is more of an asshole. "

Description by Rob @ Topless Robot in his movie news post.

I still love Namor so much.
Also, this is my 335th post. Cool ^^

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How Witchblade Keeps Her Outfit On

This is seriously not safe for work. Thong clad butt ahoy!
However, it shows how to keep a tiny outfit (more like swatches of cloth) on without using an entire roll of lingerie tape.

Click! Click Click!

found at TV in Japan

Monday, January 28, 2008

EA/ Marvel Partnership is dead!

Bringing much hope and glee to fans, Kotaku has reported that the EA / Marvel game partnership has dissolved. Read here for the entire story. Marvel, for the love of Captain America, license the characters to Capcom! Please!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Madame Mirage Issue 1 online

Full issue posted at Newsarama. Issue 1 was good, so was 2, 3 was outstanding and 4 I really need to get around to reading. Anyway, free, legal comic book :)

The Link is Here. ^^

speaking of MM, there is some cool fan art of Mirage here.