Saturday, April 4, 2009

HalCali - It's Party Time

Random PV time.

I want my trips to the grocery store to be more like this. (btw, it is impossible to stay sad if you listen to Halcali. Yep.)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pokemon on Twitter

So. Epic. 

Right now Cloyster is my favorite Pokemon to follow, mainly because he's got a really odd way of speaking, combined with copious use of profanity.

example: I tell ye most true, brethren: Doth anyone actually *like* Zubat? Mine first thought hath been "Unhallowed bag of douches" he be.

Joystiq made a list of Pokeman you can follow too. Dig it here:

Monday, March 30, 2009

Gaming Idol

While Kotaku was more impressed that this pin up model is the #1 Spelunker player in Japan, I was more impressed that she can clear world 1-1 in Super Mario Bros without looking at the screen. Nice!

source: Kotaku

Silversun Pickups

Another music tidbit that I'd like to share, and is only mildly geek related - is that Silversun Pickups is also releasing a new album, entitled "Swoon". Their previous album, Carnavas, never made it out of my iPod - and that is saying something, because I am really susceptible to overplay of music. If you preorder the digital release on iTunes, you will get the bonus track "Currency of Love". They are an amazing band that I got the chance to see play live two years ago. Please support them if you are a fan, or give a listen for something cool and new if you are not.

There are three Silversun Pickups songs available for Rock Band - Lazy Eye (comes with Rock Band 2 I believe) , Melatonin and Well Thought Out Twinkles.

upcoming news is this- two songs from their newest album entitled Swoon will be available for download just before the release of the new album via Guitar Hero: World Tour.

source: iTunes, wikipedia and digitalmediawire.

ok this song is unrelated but I love this video.

Utada in top 25 on iTunes

Jpop singer Utada Hikaru, just known as Utada in the US has released her second album in the US. It was released on iTunes
"on March 25 and ranked #19 among all albums" The video for Come Back to Me is available for free for a short time. Click the link on Utada's homepage to get the video. (go to news item "This is the One is here!")

The album itself is only $7.99. A non digital copy will be available
May 12, 2009. So stop your piracy for a minute and go and support Utada's most recent release. If fans don't support her, then we will likely never get to see her play shows stateside. Go spend 8 bucks! That's round about the cost of a fast food combo meal and an ice cream cone! Skip it this week, (it's bad for you anyway and will give you GAS) and go buy this release!

source: (thanks Joey!) and