Monday, July 20, 2009

Truly Villainous.

Fightan Gaems

EVO was this weekend and I was mesmerized with the live stream. Well, the parts of it that were watchable. MvC2 was not one of those. But it's okay, I've seen Magneto, Storm, Capt Commando and Sentinel fight before.

Daigo "the Beast" Umehara won the Street Fighter 4 championships and was classy as usual. Justin Wong needlessly showboated as usual. Here's an interview with Daigo.
source: Slasher, Kotaku & Me watching the stream.

A French gentleman by the name of Malek (profile in French here with unflattering pic) won the Soul Calibur 4 tournament with Ivy. Generally, I am not a fan of Ivy but I was definitely rooting for him to win against the hoards of (broke ass combo) Hilde. Also, his mastery of the command throws was simply amazing. Well done, Malek!
profile source: Kotaku comments & Evo stream

I didn't get the details on the Blaz Blue winner, other than that they won with Noel and that they only play rushdown characters and girl characters. Well, me too. More details if I can dig them up.

KOF12's Twitter feed
has finally linked to some high resolution KoF 12 footage! Yay! I love the flashing bulbs that twinkle in the BG of this stage.