Friday, August 10, 2007

VS system tcg has expanded/rebuilt their VS section as
Some previews of the redesigned cards from the upcoming set (Marvel Legends) are posted at the new site. Unfortunately, they're taking a page from Legend of the Five Rings and having some exclusive cards only available through tournaments and point redemption. To view the first tournament exclusive cards, check here. I know I could use two of those cards in my sad (yet undying!) X-men deck. I think this is an awful idea that promotes money decks. These cards are going to end up on Ebay for inflated prices almost immediately. In a tiny bit of happier news, that new Jean Grey card just makes me giggle. (click to enlarge and see stats)

More info on the "exclusive" cards:
What is the Age of Apocalypse set?

The Marvel Age of Apocalypse Vs. System set is the first set of Vs. System Exclusive cards. It features cards from the “Age of Apocalypse” timeline.

How do I get Vs. System Exclusive cards?
Vs. System Exclusive cards are cards you can’t buy. Instead, you win Exclusive cards by participating in Vs. System events of all types and by redeeming your UDE points online.

How many Exclusive cards are there?

For the Age of Apocalypse set, there are 27 Exclusive cards. Until all of the cards have been released, new cards will be released every time there is a new Vs. System event.

When are Vs. System Exclusive cards legal?

Because of the unique release pattern for the Age of Apocalypse set, the entire set won’t be legal at the same time. Stay tuned to the UDE tournament pages for more details on the cards’ legality.

Your MOM is a Skrull

Majorias News posted a link to an interview with current X-men writer Mike Carey. I don't know why they (CBR) bother with some of these interviews anymore, as they all boil down to "We'll see, keep reading" However, there was one passage I found rather amusing. I like sarcasm.

5) Is Mystique a skrull?

Yes. And so am I.

There you go, everyone. One skrull identified, many more to go. And on the topic of our favorite green aliens, TonyX was curious about something.

“With this whole skrull thing brewing, I assume we are going to find out that certain X-characters are skrulls. If this is the case, do you and the other writers already know who are skrulls? Or is there a surprise factor on your end too when you're told, ‘Oh yeah, Colossus? He's a skrull...'”

Well, speaking as a skrull, I've been involved in the planning of this invasion from an early stage. We're going to make you bleed out of your ears, human scum.

But seriously, I can't comment on your assumption. I can't even ‘no comment' on your assumption. I'm going to pretend you didn't ask that question.


Here is a Deviantart theory on why Wolverine may be a skrull.

Rogue as a skrull image by Ryan Kinnaird. Here is a link to the original piece on DevArt. To those that don't know - Rogue isn't a skrull at the moment. That's card art from the Marvel VS game. Rogue: Total Transformation

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Breed your own hero...

Remember when you could breed Chocobos in Final Fantasy? Well, that's so two generations ago. Now Kotaku reports that there's a game coming out called Record of Agarest. In addition to it being a SRPG, there is also the added feature of breeding your own hero. Please take breed in the very literal sense. You pick a female, woo her, get a "special movie", then the new hero is revealed, with his stats based on his mom/your conquest.Do we REALLY need a breeding program where the cattle are girls? That's just vile. If people want a hentai game, they'll just buy one. This is just unnecessary. (Jingai Makyo anyone? No premise and time killing SRPG involved! Ignis just wants to rid the world of tentacle monsters...nothing can go wrong there, amirite?) Jingai Makyo intro flash animation sfw, the rst, not so much.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Nintendo Broke Your Wii

So, Nintendo released a firmware update. It was cool, added a digital clock to the Wii menu, cleaned up the shopping channel and various other little things. HOWEVER - if you loaded up import games with a Freeloader,'re poked. They won't work anymore. No one knows if this was intentional or a mistake- (my guess is intentional) Kotaku has more details about this unexpected development. Looks like the only systems you can still play import games on are the DS (Region Free) and the Gamecube (with Freeloader)

Vote for Chun Li ...but which one? is running an (unofficial of course) poll on what actress people think would make a good Chun Li in the upcoming movie. Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) is currently winning by a good margin. As for me, I throw my lot in with Kelly Hu (Deathstrike in X2) -she's more mature and also well suited for action movies. Chun Li isn't a fresh faced kid - she's a strong, intelligent Interpol agent that takes no crap. As much as I love Zhang Ziyi, I think she's too young for the role.

At any rate, there's no registration required to vote, so hop on over there and cast your vote.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

2 new comic book movies, of the animated variety

More Justice League - this time it's Justice League: The New Frontier. The plot will be set in the Silver age - 1950's. +10 points for Lucy Lawless (Xena) cast as Wonder Woman.

Not to be outdone, Marvel is also releasing an animated movie to dvd - Doctor Strange. It's his origin story. Good timing on their part, as he's so active in the Initiative storyline.

Trailer Here:

First 5 minutes of the movie here

Monday, August 6, 2007

Old, but good.

Here's a KOF XI combo video. After watching this, I can safely say that my friends and I are "doin' it wrong"


This was one of the featured Stage6 videos. Give it a shot, it's a 15 minute geek comedy pilot episode about IT guys that work at the Help Desk. I thought it was good for a giggle.

Official Blurb:
Lodged in the world of I.T. and living by the code of the geek, Simon fumbles his way through life all while trying to keep his job. A monthly Internet TV show, ./shutdown explores all that is geek and nerd. From the spires of BlackRock to the cry of the shiryoken, nothing is sacred.

Episode 1: "The New Girl"
Simon and Zedd find out there's a new person starting on the help desk. Will she prove herself worthy? Wait... "She"? A girl on help desk?

Sunday, August 5, 2007

GH3 - haha, no.

A Guitar Hero 3 video of Dragonforce's "Through the Fire and Flames" is making it's way around the internet. Rumor has it that this level is set to Hard, not Expert. They should just make the difficulty "Ridiculous" and get it over with. Those dots just fly on by (more dots! more dots!)

If that video isn't working try this one.

Why is it that the more I hear about GH3, the less I want to play it? The Wii will have such a cool controller too.

Here is a link to the music video of the song. Wait till the end for the guitar solos. Amazing work. The singer is a bit too Geddy Lee for me, but to each his own.