Friday, August 10, 2007

VS system tcg has expanded/rebuilt their VS section as
Some previews of the redesigned cards from the upcoming set (Marvel Legends) are posted at the new site. Unfortunately, they're taking a page from Legend of the Five Rings and having some exclusive cards only available through tournaments and point redemption. To view the first tournament exclusive cards, check here. I know I could use two of those cards in my sad (yet undying!) X-men deck. I think this is an awful idea that promotes money decks. These cards are going to end up on Ebay for inflated prices almost immediately. In a tiny bit of happier news, that new Jean Grey card just makes me giggle. (click to enlarge and see stats)

More info on the "exclusive" cards:
What is the Age of Apocalypse set?

The Marvel Age of Apocalypse Vs. System set is the first set of Vs. System Exclusive cards. It features cards from the “Age of Apocalypse” timeline.

How do I get Vs. System Exclusive cards?
Vs. System Exclusive cards are cards you can’t buy. Instead, you win Exclusive cards by participating in Vs. System events of all types and by redeeming your UDE points online.

How many Exclusive cards are there?

For the Age of Apocalypse set, there are 27 Exclusive cards. Until all of the cards have been released, new cards will be released every time there is a new Vs. System event.

When are Vs. System Exclusive cards legal?

Because of the unique release pattern for the Age of Apocalypse set, the entire set won’t be legal at the same time. Stay tuned to the UDE tournament pages for more details on the cards’ legality.

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