Thursday, August 16, 2007

Coconuts Musume & Ayaka

Japan Sugoi bring back some good memories by sharing some information about Coconuts Musume. Coconuts Musume was an offshoot of MoMusu girls (duh) - specifically from Hawaii.

Nowadays, Ayaka Kimura is the only member of the "group". The great thing about Ayaka is that she did these Surprise English Lessons on unsuspecting MoMusu girls, who never wanted to participate. They're ALL at Hell! Project, and I strongly suggest you check them out. Anything with Ayaka and Nono is great.

Blog Dump - "Japan Is Cooler than We Are" edition

Rendered Beauty has some fantastic Taki (Soul Calibur series) cosplay pictures

SDTekken points out that Leah Dizon looks very much like Julia Chang in her new video. (and somewhere, Ganryu's heart is breaking... ;_;)

Japan Probe has an interesting video about Japanese supermarket sales. Specifically, you can take home as much of whatever item you want by either
A) Jamming as many as you can into a small bag or
B) Stacking it to ridiculous heights without it toppling over. (35 container high ramen stack!)

Japan Sugoi found the silliest/most fantastic premise for a movie - Calamari Wrestler! I must see this immediately.

AMV time

I have a very large blog dump - just not right now.
Until I get a little spare time, enjoy this fun amv starring Ayeka from Tenchi Muyo. (5 seconds of naked Ayeka in the bath - worst bit is breast profile, but I thought you'd like to know anyway) Best part? The lip sync of Ayeka saying "F**k Yall".

On a personal note,
I've noticed the lack of anime news here lately. I've somehow strayed a little farther than I'd like from the medium I love. I've recently been promoted to the Vice President of the local anime club. (more on that later) I'll need to be more up to date on current anime shows. Having heard of a show isn't cutting it anymore. So that, along with a new laptop spur me towards making time to watch more anime. Hopefully it'll be successful and I can pass better anime info along.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Mike Wieringo Passes Away @ age 44

Ms Marvel - Issue 9 - cover by Wieringo

Newsarama reports that artist Mike Wieringo passed away Sunday, of an apparent heart attack. This is quite a loss for the comics community. He was only 44 years old. My condolences to his friends and family. His homepage is currently down due to exceeding bandwidth, but here are some other links.

Wieringo on DeviantArt
Modern Masters : Mike Wieringo (art book with interviews)
Thoughts on his passing by Mark Waid, Todd Degazo & Karl Kesel.