Thursday, August 16, 2007

Coconuts Musume & Ayaka

Japan Sugoi bring back some good memories by sharing some information about Coconuts Musume. Coconuts Musume was an offshoot of MoMusu girls (duh) - specifically from Hawaii.

Nowadays, Ayaka Kimura is the only member of the "group". The great thing about Ayaka is that she did these Surprise English Lessons on unsuspecting MoMusu girls, who never wanted to participate. They're ALL at Hell! Project, and I strongly suggest you check them out. Anything with Ayaka and Nono is great.

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Freyhon said...

Ayaka! Wow, she is still so pretty.

And, those English Lessons really bring back some very funny memories.

Remember the couple of lessons where Nono decides to turn the tables on her and make her take dance lessons?

(For dignity's sake, I won't say anything more about that dance and public places...)

Good times, good times.