Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SSBB Hare Hare Yukai


Little Pile o' News

The internet is most bountiful today! Here are some things of interest

New Street Fighter IV rankings, for console versions. Lots of changes (except the top 2...stupid turret Sagat 0_0)
via Kotaku

More good Wii news from the Game Developer's Conference
Play Games Directly From Your SD Card.
also via Kotaku

Final Fantasy IV : The After Years - confirmed for WiiWare. Let the happy dance begin!
via Destructoid

More information on Oracle: The Cure
via IGN

2009 Spring Anime Preview at AnimeVice. 30 new shows to get involved with.
via...AnimeVice. (duh)

Mahjong Anime - Saki

I'm really enjoying playing Funtown Mahjong these days. (no... seriously, I like it.) Here's a new anime about Mahjong from the upcoming spring season.

Description from Anime Vice's 2009 Spring Anime Preview
a wacky comedy featuring a young girl who hates the game because she's been forced to play it with her family all her life. In spite of this, the games taught her a unique skill: keeping her score perfectly 0, so that she doesn't win or lose. When the mahjongg club members at her school learn about it, though, she's forced to join up.

Looks a bit fan-servicey to me.

Read about the entire spring anime lineup here at Anime Vice.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not Cool, Cryptic....

Negative Gamer reports that Cryptic is recruiting players from NCSoft's City of Heroes MMO to go beta test their (Cryptic's) super hero MMO, Champions Online. Dirty move, Cryptic.

Read the entire article here.