Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tokyopop has "Manga Sutra"

I remember hearing about this manga/anime waaaay back in the day. Now Tokyopop is posting about it on their MySpace bulletins. Here's the official blurb-

Manga Sutra - Futari H
Makoto and Yura just got married...and they have a lot to learn! At the age of twenty-five, newlyweds Makoto and Yura are still virgins. But not for long! That is, if they can figure out how everything works. Will the sweet--and voluptuous--Yura enjoy her first "experience?" Or is Makoto not yet savvy enough to light her fire? Follow the hot young couple as they step up into love and experiment with getting it on...and on...and on!

So. Yeah.
Not my personal cup o' tea, but I am sure it's a nice change from traditional Hentai where NO ONE seems to be having any fun whatsoever. 20 bucks. 14 through Amazon. Consensual ftw.