Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Delicious Wolverine

Well, delicious to me at least. Hugh Jackman is easy on the eyes. Kotaku reports that the X-Men Origins: Wolverine game site has opened. Since that is one long mouthful of a name, the site is just named You can register (bleh) online for "exclusive" access (that will likely appear elsewhere on the internet in a matter or hours) to Wolverine Origins game info. In addition to game information, they have a link to the official movie site as well. (which is here, in case you forgot)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Spidey + Obama = BFF

So you've probably already heard about Spider Man #583 (it's all over mainstream news) - Spidey spots an Obama clone and kicks it's butt at the inaguration. However, for those of us that are comic geeks but don't read Spider Man - if you wanted a copy and it's not on your pull list, odds are not looking great for getting a copy the first printing of the book. It's already sold out at distributor level.

I'll probably hop on the bandwagon for the second printing. While this is super gimmicky, with the recession and the waning popularity of print media - I don't blame Marvel for doing this. It will be a good shot in the arm for the local comic shops.

Anyway, more details on the print runs and information that is relevant to comic book geeks read the Newsarama post.

Selene is Back.

Ahhh it was wonderful enough that the Hellfire Club was making a resurgence, then even better than Madelyne Pryor was on the way back as well. Now Marvel continues to warm my fangirl heart with Selene returning in X-Force.

"Chris and I (writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost,) are all about brining back the classics," he relates. "The old characters and stories are still the best. That said, we needed someone new to help strengthen the Selene and Bastion arcs. By the next issue you'll see that even though Eli is new to the books, he is old to the Marvel Universe."

I think this is a really good way to write books. There are so many cool old characters that need a dusting off, plus they keep it fresh with the new guys.

Read the entire article/ interview here
and read about Selene and her powers here, at ComicVine.

(ps, I find that most pics of Selene aren't really SFW. Go fig ;p)

Shokotan GET!

(Otaku Idoru) Shokotan has a nice little interview on the Japan Times website. I hope she's as nice as she sounds. Because if she wasn't, that would be a bummer of epic proportions.

Anyway! Read it here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Retroforce Give! MegaDrive

The very entertaining RetroForce GO podcast is teaming with Child's Play for a charity auction of "retro proportions" There will be a giant ebay auction and the money made on the auction will go directly to Child’s Play, a community based charity that helps sick kids by providing them with videogames to play while in the hospital.

If you want to donate, (PlayStation/Nintendo 64 or earlier) or see the huge list of 350+ games, please go the original article for a mailing address as well as the list.

Retroforce GIVE!

I'm going to root around in my gaming closet to see if there is anything I can add to the list.

Oh, of note, in the comment area from Chad, Retroforce GO host -
And, please, don't worry about boxes, manuals, or everything being in mint condition. We will take whatever you are willing to part with! Oh, and no reason to stick with just games! If you have any old posters, t-shirts, toys ... anything retro videogame-related will do.