Friday, January 9, 2009

Spidey + Obama = BFF

So you've probably already heard about Spider Man #583 (it's all over mainstream news) - Spidey spots an Obama clone and kicks it's butt at the inaguration. However, for those of us that are comic geeks but don't read Spider Man - if you wanted a copy and it's not on your pull list, odds are not looking great for getting a copy the first printing of the book. It's already sold out at distributor level.

I'll probably hop on the bandwagon for the second printing. While this is super gimmicky, with the recession and the waning popularity of print media - I don't blame Marvel for doing this. It will be a good shot in the arm for the local comic shops.

Anyway, more details on the print runs and information that is relevant to comic book geeks read the Newsarama post.

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JIFF said...

The mexican branch of Marvel plans to have this (translated to spanish) in the newstands on january 27th, I know that Obama is popular almost worlwide, but I think that that number is not going to sell at all, but let us see