Saturday, September 29, 2007

Boo Fanart

this just struck me funny.
from DeviantArt user Hail-NekoYasha. Go to her page for the full view.

Friday, September 28, 2007

World Heroes Gorgous Trailer from TGS

as found by Cyberfanatix
The menu screen is in the same style as KOF Battle Archives.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tenchi Box Set

Here's the (crummy) trailer. Bad trailer or no, first paycheck I get - this is getting picked up. 0_0; /fangasm

Go Away, Jessica Biel

First there were rumors of Jessica Biel being up for the lead in the Chun Li street fighter movie. This was ridiculous because she's not Chinese, and Chun Li is very much so.

Now in a further attempt to defile my geekdom, rumors abound that she wants to play Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League film.

No Jessica. NO. *swat* Go away, whitebread lady.

I know darn well I won't get any Greek actresses for our favorite amazon in the same way they keep trying to cast Chun Li as a white girl. Can we at least get someone vaguely ethnic to play this role? Perhaps someone with naturally dark hair? Am I asking for too much here?

I'll cast my vote for Salma Hayek, even though she's currently preggers. It doesn't film for a while, she'll do fine. She's lovely, shapely, and can do action films. She may have to work on the accent though.

Monday, September 24, 2007

SNK Cosplay Goodness...

Cyberfanatix has some great cosplay pics from SNK's booth at the Tokyo Game Show.
Check them all here.

Negima Live Action Trailer

Originally found at Narutard

So, this is how you fit around 30 supporting characters into a movie trailer 0_0; Geez, look at the yearbook pic at the very end if nothing else. Oh and Negi is played by a girl...and no one is surprised.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pirate Bay Attacks!

The Pirate Bay is suing various companies for hiring hackers to attack their site. Behold their blog post.

Thanks to the email-leakage from MediaDefender-Defenders we now have proof of the things we've been suspecting for a long time; the big record and movie labels are paying professional hackers, saboteurs and ddosers to destroy our trackers.

While browsing through the email we identified the companies that are also active in Sweden and we have tonight reported these incidents to the police. The charges are infrastructural sabotage, denial of service attacks, hacking and spamming, all of these on a commercial level.

Wow. They have giant kahones cojones to even attempt this. (thanks Jiff ^_~)

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