Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Go Away, Jessica Biel

First there were rumors of Jessica Biel being up for the lead in the Chun Li street fighter movie. This was ridiculous because she's not Chinese, and Chun Li is very much so.

Now in a further attempt to defile my geekdom, rumors abound that she wants to play Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League film.

No Jessica. NO. *swat* Go away, whitebread lady.

I know darn well I won't get any Greek actresses for our favorite amazon in the same way they keep trying to cast Chun Li as a white girl. Can we at least get someone vaguely ethnic to play this role? Perhaps someone with naturally dark hair? Am I asking for too much here?

I'll cast my vote for Salma Hayek, even though she's currently preggers. It doesn't film for a while, she'll do fine. She's lovely, shapely, and can do action films. She may have to work on the accent though.

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Anonymous said...

I don’t understand why a Hispanic actress would be any better than a Caucasian one for the role of this great Amazonian.

You made a good point when you said that Chun Li should be played by an Asian. That’s just common sense. Her character is Chinese, and to play her by anything else would be insulting.

But, Wonder Woman isn’t Greek, she is from a fictional race (her latest origin even has her being created from clay), and she has always been portrayed as a fair skinned woman with thick black hair and blue eyes, ever since she was created by William Marston in 1941. Jessica Biel isn’t wrong for the role because she is white. Jessica Biel is wrong for the role simply because she yet another scrawny Hollywood actress. Wonder Woman should be played by a woman who can be both beautiful and physically strong. Her race shouldn’t even be an issue, as long as the actress looks like the character we love.

If your point is that it should simply be a Greek woman playing the role, I can understand why you feel that way (especially after they had Jennifer Garner play Electra!). So, I made a short list of a few famous Greek women that could do so much better than Jessica Biel.

Despina Vandi- She hasn’t acted much, but she is hugely famous and popular as a musician. When she did act, she was given rave reviews. She is also beautiful.

Sofia Milos- She is only half Greek, but she is pretty famous from working on that CSI show and a couple of movies already. (She falls into my too-Hollywood skinny actress category, but at least she’s half Greek!)

Maria Korinthiou- Very pretty Greek actress, that I have to admit I know very little about, but she does do American films, so that’s a start, right?

Too be honest, though, if I were to pick anyone to play Wonder Woman based on looks and acting history, I would have to pick Lucy Lawless! I know she is white, but so what? She looks just like Wonder Woman to me! (Before she went all semi-blonde and stuff- yuck!)