Saturday, July 19, 2008

Soundtrack GET

Was at MetroCon today and one of the booths was selling "really old" cds/osts for 5 bucks each. Well, I am "really old" in otaku years, so I took advantage of their sale.

My haul?
Bakuretsu Hunters OST vol. 2
Nuku Nuku TV OST vol. 3
Megumi Hayashibara - Iravati

So, my otaku brethern - what's the connection between these cds? (keep in mind I did this by accident at first) Megumi Hayashibara! - the best voice actess evar. In addition to her cd, she voiced Nuku Nuku in Cat Girl Nuku Nuku and Tira in Sorcerer Hunters.

My subconscious is a good little shopper.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Quick Post - MK & Castlevania

Some good news about Mortal Kombat vs DC. Chew on that, haters :P
source: Kotaku

New trailer for Castlevania : Judgement. Seems a bit stiff but it's too early to call just yet. I so could have done without the Death Note creator for character design. Maria looks like Misa Misa ~_~;

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Arcana Heart - Amazon Deal of the Day

Show your continued love for 2D fighters by picking up Arcana Heart for 20 bucks at Amazon. It's the deal of the day. Go, go, go ~

source: Atlus Faithful mailing list

Link Drop - Posting From School Computer Lab Ed.

(that's Rei from Pani Poni Dash - a GREAT show that didn't get the love it deserved in the US. Sold out on Amazon, but you can get it used on the cheap)

Another fun list from Marvel. com - Top 10 80's characters. My girl She Hulk is in there! And Elektra! Overall, a list that I agree with the majority of the picks.

Secret of the Solstice
Another MMO with which to waste your time. Free to play.

Cheap ways to display your figure collection
source: Tomopop

Also from Tomopop, some incredibly cute plushies of monsters in business suits. *_*!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wired Talks Crap About Nintendo

Half truths. As good as lies? Yep! Leaving out part of the story changes it entirely.

Let's take what Wired said about Nintendo's E3 Press Conference. The headline reads Gallery: Nintendo Keeps Casual, Ignores Hard-Core at E3. If you didn't watch the video(s) of the press conference or read one of the many liveblogs that covered it, you could easily believe that Nintendo shunned 'hard core' gamers. This statement, however, is bullshit. Reggie specifically addresses the fact that they are NOT leaving the 'veteran' gamers in the dark and that they want to appeal to all audiences. It wasn't all about Animal Crossing - some games that 'hardcore gamers' may enjoy were the new Grand Theft Auto : Chinatown Wars for the DS and the new Call of Duty: World at War game on the Wii. Those games are NOT targeted at casual gamers. In fact, they'd probably run screaming.

I'm not a Nintendo apologist, but I am VERY tired of people talking junk about Nintendo just because they can. And yes, I am excited as all hell about Animal Crossing and I'm not ashamed to say it.

Monday, July 14, 2008


So I just watched the trailer for Final Fantasy XIII and it struck me that the redhead in the trailer has a strong resemblance to jpop idol Ayumi Hamasaki. Am I the only one seeing this?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sonya Has Panty Line "Issues"

Destructoid posted some new screen shots from MK vs DC and I see that Sonya doesn't have her stupid outfit with the g-string that goes up and outside of her pants like in the last game. However, she still tans in them apparently, because there are some very visible tan lines from said g-string for the world to see. Tacky, Midway. Tacky.

(click the image for a larger version)

Original Destructoid Post here.