Thursday, December 13, 2007

That dame is a dude...

It's official, Capcom has verified that Poison is, in fact a post-op tranny.
Read about it at Kotaku!
This news I had heard from an SNK fanboy friend of mine (hi, Kyo!), so Poison wasn't too much of a surprise. Shion, however, was. (although Fighter's Generation lists Shion as a girl, I hear she's a he)

Also, one of the commenters mentioned the BBD song of the same name and the song got stuck in my head. Misery loves company so here ya go...

(never trust a big butt and a smile...)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Marvel Manga & Games

Kotaku reports that Marvel will be getting more involved with their game devlopment. If this turns out as bad as the proposed X-Men/Wolverine manga, then we're all doomed.

They're talking about it (the manga) at Newsarama and Japanator has some pictures of said manga designs. Neither the spandex fans nor the anime fans seem to like this.

Sadly, this is quickly degernating into "This is bad! Because this is bad, I am supported in my hatred of all anime!

Let's not go there, people. Blanket statements are ugly.
And for the record, I prefer my Wolverine to be burly, not bishy, kthx.

blog dump: end of semester edition

Hi there. Wow, it's been a long semester, but now it's over. Holiday shopping looms. Don't know if that will be more or less stressful. Anyway, enjoy this blog dump. I enjoyed having time to parooze my rss feeds. <3


Witchblade 112 preview up at CBR. First Born epilogue. I should probably get around to reading issue 3, huh?

File under: FINALLY. -
Udon Announces new Street Fighter books.
Initially reported by Majoria's News.
then Kotaku found it later.

NYT interviewed Gail Simone and I found it to be quite an interesting read.

King of Fighters Max Impact Regulation A combo videos (aka KOF:MIA) here.
source: Cyberfanatix.

Iron Man game footage @ Kotaku. It's pretty, but does it play well? Probably not.

Virtual Console games are region locked AND country locked, so your friends in Japan can't buy you that cool VC game you want. Sorry, bubba.

Also, hey look, a thwomp!
source: Wii Fanboy

Tekken 6 arcade intro dropped at

Buso Renkin figs @ Kid Nemo. Kazuki, Papillion & Tokiko. Reasonably priced too. I'm torn between Papillion & Tokiko.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

X-Men manga? What?

More Marvel manga coming your way. Did Marvel not learn it's lesson last time?

But wait, there's more. It's a reverse harem manga.

" ...features Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning as an all-boys' school, with the only female student being Kitty Pryde."

This incredibly silly news first reported by Anime News Network. Read the entire article here. (seriously, go read it, you'll laugh)

Lady Deathstrike (this isn't news)

This is so not news, but Deathstrike's re-design is so damn cool. Stupid belly button window and all.