Friday, April 10, 2009

New Bayonetta Trailer

more info (and original post) at Destructoid.

Last 4 weeks of comics (opinion)

So I'm a little behind on comics these past few weeks but I am catching up now. I'm going to make you suffer through some brief thoughts on the books I've read.

First plucked from the massive pile:
Secret Six #8
Our favorite villains go out on a double date. Not the most exciting issue ever, but made me smile a lot. Dear Gail Simone: please never leave this book.
Final thought: Awesome, as usual.

followed by:
Elektra: Dark Reign #1
Elektra literally speaks only 4 words in this issue (and two are illegible) but it doesn't matter. The book gives a very tense vibe and in the end, shows the reader what a bad ass Elektra is and why she should be feared.
Dear Zeb Wells: I am not familiar with your work, but if it's all like this, I am in for the long haul and shall follow you loyally.
Final thought: FINALLY, Elektra rules again!

All New Savage She Hulk #1 (Dark Reign tie in)
Urgh, I have no idea where to begin. I literally facepalmed a few times while reading it. Writer Fred Van Lente does a bait and switch for this book and it mainly features Lyra, child of Hulk and Thundra.
Dear Fred Van Lente: Not much Jen Walters in this issue, but I have my doubts you can salvage her from the mess she's in.
Final though: Oh gawd, please get better next issue. I don't know if I can handle all this camp.

X-Factor #41 (not a Dark Reign tie in? wut?)
Peter David continues with the surprises in this book (and has requested no spoilers for the previous 2 issues, so there's nothing I can say at this point that ISN'T one). However, the formula gets a little thin and ends yet again with the 'HEY SURPRISE A TWIST' on the last page.
Final Thought: Wolfsbane isn't around any more. Why am I still reading this. Meh.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Arcana Heart 2 - Not so sugoi....

Play Asia's weekly newsletter arrived in my email box today - heralding the arrival of Arcana Heart 2 - (aka Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2). I was all ready to lament my lack of funding (and a Japanese ps2) until I read the comments on the info page for the game. All of the commenters agree that this is, in fact, a horrible port that should be avoided at all costs.

vespene (16) on 08, Apr. 2009 13:24 (HKT) Horrible port, avoid! This game is nothing like the original. The slowdown is incredibly bad and it occurs whenever a combo happens. The game only runs accurately when you move left and right, but when you try to actually DO anything, it becomes all choppy and slower than the arcade original. Avoid.

So, one would guess that it won't get to the US at all OR if you're an optimist, that it will get upgraded to a system that can handle the graphics; because the ps2 isn't up to the task.

That all being said, the arcade stick for the game is SWANK. Got a spare 150 for it?

Zombies on the Lawn

My friend told me about the video for PopCap's upcoming game Zombies vs Plants. There was a music video that will eat your brains and it lives here. (thanks Freyhon & Kit!)

However! PopCap has made a new video, starring a Zombie Temp Worker. Behold! 

If that wasn't good enough, there's a Japanese cover to the song as well! Uraniwa ni Zombies ga. Equally catchy to the original! (apparently there's no Japanese word for Zombie?!)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wolverine DL = KaFIRED

There was a leaked version of the new Wolverine movie out on April 1. Many people thought it was a hoax, but it was really a copy of the movie. An unfinished, without many special effects copy, but a copy nonetheless. I didn't download it because I want to see the movie in the theater. However, some idiot at Fox News downloaded it AND posted a movie review on it, after 20th Century Fox has said that they were coming after people who had downloaded it. (apparently there's some way they can track it) Anyway, thank goodness, idiot journalist got fired over the incident. Read the details of said idiot's layoff at BBC News.