Friday, April 10, 2009

Last 4 weeks of comics (opinion)

So I'm a little behind on comics these past few weeks but I am catching up now. I'm going to make you suffer through some brief thoughts on the books I've read.

First plucked from the massive pile:
Secret Six #8
Our favorite villains go out on a double date. Not the most exciting issue ever, but made me smile a lot. Dear Gail Simone: please never leave this book.
Final thought: Awesome, as usual.

followed by:
Elektra: Dark Reign #1
Elektra literally speaks only 4 words in this issue (and two are illegible) but it doesn't matter. The book gives a very tense vibe and in the end, shows the reader what a bad ass Elektra is and why she should be feared.
Dear Zeb Wells: I am not familiar with your work, but if it's all like this, I am in for the long haul and shall follow you loyally.
Final thought: FINALLY, Elektra rules again!

All New Savage She Hulk #1 (Dark Reign tie in)
Urgh, I have no idea where to begin. I literally facepalmed a few times while reading it. Writer Fred Van Lente does a bait and switch for this book and it mainly features Lyra, child of Hulk and Thundra.
Dear Fred Van Lente: Not much Jen Walters in this issue, but I have my doubts you can salvage her from the mess she's in.
Final though: Oh gawd, please get better next issue. I don't know if I can handle all this camp.

X-Factor #41 (not a Dark Reign tie in? wut?)
Peter David continues with the surprises in this book (and has requested no spoilers for the previous 2 issues, so there's nothing I can say at this point that ISN'T one). However, the formula gets a little thin and ends yet again with the 'HEY SURPRISE A TWIST' on the last page.
Final Thought: Wolfsbane isn't around any more. Why am I still reading this. Meh.

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