Thursday, April 9, 2009

Arcana Heart 2 - Not so sugoi....

Play Asia's weekly newsletter arrived in my email box today - heralding the arrival of Arcana Heart 2 - (aka Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2). I was all ready to lament my lack of funding (and a Japanese ps2) until I read the comments on the info page for the game. All of the commenters agree that this is, in fact, a horrible port that should be avoided at all costs.

vespene (16) on 08, Apr. 2009 13:24 (HKT) Horrible port, avoid! This game is nothing like the original. The slowdown is incredibly bad and it occurs whenever a combo happens. The game only runs accurately when you move left and right, but when you try to actually DO anything, it becomes all choppy and slower than the arcade original. Avoid.

So, one would guess that it won't get to the US at all OR if you're an optimist, that it will get upgraded to a system that can handle the graphics; because the ps2 isn't up to the task.

That all being said, the arcade stick for the game is SWANK. Got a spare 150 for it?

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