Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008


is a cupcake!
Crappy cell phone picture, but you get the idea :)
Cupcake of dark vengeance found at Publix.

Link Drop Random Edition!


Danny Choo posted some shots of the (very nice) Masane Amaha figure with the squishy bewbs.

Marvel News has some great top 10 lists, but this one is my favorite.
Top 10 X-Men Line ups. Naturally, I disagree with the details. X-Men Blue Team will always be my #1 team but I can definitely see why the #1 team ranked as such.

Star Trek : The Experience closes in Vegas. Sadness! My sister got to see the exhibit and she really enjoyed it. As for me I got a hoodie and a pen outta the deal XD
source: Wired Blog Network

another nice site, jammed with comic book reviews. Tons of em!
Comics Daily

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Link Drop - Atlus Compels Me to Game edition

Gaming... I still do it! I swear! It's just in smaller doses these days - as seen by my focus on casual games on the Wii and DS games I can take with me.

Well I caved in today and put a fiver down on Izuna 2. I will allegedly get a mini poster upon pickup. Atlus really sold me on the new tag system and the crapton of playable characters added. Well done Atlus, you win this round.

Speaking of Atlus, they sent me a wonderful email announcing Persona 4. Oh snap! Enjoy this video as much as I did.

in other gaming news:

The Wii gets a fighting game! And it's Castlevania! Neat!
source: Kotaku

Japan gets a D. Gray Man video game. Meanwhile I turn tints and shades of green with jealousy. Gah I hope this show takes hold in the US like Naruto and Bleach did. It utterly deserves to.
source: insert credit

Kotaku uncovers the Samba De Amigo maraca attachments for the Wii-mote. Cha cha CHA!

Cool website, nice design - Girls Don't Game

Spend more time online, but maybe a little less money. Yet another MMO is released on the masses - Dream of Mirror Online.

Found a great wii-friendly radio station called Finetune. Check it out, it's good times.

The Gail Simone mini post

298861-10266-secret-six_super Well, here are a couple of news bits about GS and her work on Wonder Woman and the upcoming Secret Six title. (which is already on my pull list at the comic shop, kthx)

Here's a video interview at Wizard World Chicago (I think)

Here's some coverage of the Wonder Woman panel at WWC - Rucka, Simone and Lopresti. A panel of epic proportions to be sure.

Crikey, I feel like Kotaku when they cover J Allard. ~_~;

Monday, July 7, 2008

For the Locals: Sale at the LCS

(LCS = Local Comic Shop)

Emerald City is running a nice sale. From their email:

Because of the Independence Day holiday, new comics will arrive Thursday the 10th instead of Wednesday the 9th. And that means our "Wednesdays That New Comics Don't Arrive" SALE!

On Wednesday, July 9th, buy one trade paperback / graphic novel, and get one of equal or lesser value for half price!

You can do this for as many books as you'd like -- if you buy five books, you get five books for half price!

Also, all back issue comics are 20% off!

I'll wait to pick up my X-Factor Visionaries till Wed. and add Secret Six - get both for about 25 bucks. Not too shabby! I need to find out the timeline of when Secret Six was released - I assume after Villians United, but if that's right, then some of the lineup doesn't make sense. ?_?