Thursday, July 10, 2008

Link Drop Random Edition!


Danny Choo posted some shots of the (very nice) Masane Amaha figure with the squishy bewbs.

Marvel News has some great top 10 lists, but this one is my favorite.
Top 10 X-Men Line ups. Naturally, I disagree with the details. X-Men Blue Team will always be my #1 team but I can definitely see why the #1 team ranked as such.

Star Trek : The Experience closes in Vegas. Sadness! My sister got to see the exhibit and she really enjoyed it. As for me I got a hoodie and a pen outta the deal XD
source: Wired Blog Network

another nice site, jammed with comic book reviews. Tons of em!
Comics Daily


Anonymous said...

wow... didn't realize you like squishy bouncing "things" so much. interesting.... =p

unit-1978 said...

i love the squishy boobs XD

electric goldfish said...

That figure has more clothes on it than most! XD