Friday, January 9, 2009

Selene is Back.

Ahhh it was wonderful enough that the Hellfire Club was making a resurgence, then even better than Madelyne Pryor was on the way back as well. Now Marvel continues to warm my fangirl heart with Selene returning in X-Force.

"Chris and I (writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost,) are all about brining back the classics," he relates. "The old characters and stories are still the best. That said, we needed someone new to help strengthen the Selene and Bastion arcs. By the next issue you'll see that even though Eli is new to the books, he is old to the Marvel Universe."

I think this is a really good way to write books. There are so many cool old characters that need a dusting off, plus they keep it fresh with the new guys.

Read the entire article/ interview here
and read about Selene and her powers here, at ComicVine.

(ps, I find that most pics of Selene aren't really SFW. Go fig ;p)

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