Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Retroforce Give! MegaDrive

The very entertaining RetroForce GO podcast is teaming with Child's Play for a charity auction of "retro proportions" There will be a giant ebay auction and the money made on the auction will go directly to Child’s Play, a community based charity that helps sick kids by providing them with videogames to play while in the hospital.

If you want to donate, (PlayStation/Nintendo 64 or earlier) or see the huge list of 350+ games, please go the original article for a mailing address as well as the list.

Retroforce GIVE!

I'm going to root around in my gaming closet to see if there is anything I can add to the list.

Oh, of note, in the comment area from Chad, Retroforce GO host -
And, please, don't worry about boxes, manuals, or everything being in mint condition. We will take whatever you are willing to part with! Oh, and no reason to stick with just games! If you have any old posters, t-shirts, toys ... anything retro videogame-related will do.

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