Monday, December 29, 2008

Legend of Chun Li trailer

Oddly enough, looks good to me. Still rather annoyed at the white girl playing her, (No Asian Actresses in all of Asia could play Chun Li? Wut? I shouldn't complain, she's half Chinese) HOWEVER, I think the trailer looks ok. Very HK Cinema.

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Freyhon said...

I don't mind that she's only half Chinese, but that actress fits the body-type of Chun Li like Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman) fits the body type of Superman. As in, not at all.

She looks like Barbie Super Model Chun Li (someone buy her a cheeseburger!), but the movie actually does look pretty cool. It has that authentic wire-fu film look to it that the first Street Fighter film should have tried...

And you know what? Despite the former Smallville actress looking so tiny and thin as Chun Li, she is a far better choice for that character than Van Damme was as Guile. (What, there wasn't a single American actor to play the American character in all of Hollywood?)