Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blog Dump - "Japan Is Cooler than We Are" edition

Rendered Beauty has some fantastic Taki (Soul Calibur series) cosplay pictures

SDTekken points out that Leah Dizon looks very much like Julia Chang in her new video. (and somewhere, Ganryu's heart is breaking... ;_;)

Japan Probe has an interesting video about Japanese supermarket sales. Specifically, you can take home as much of whatever item you want by either
A) Jamming as many as you can into a small bag or
B) Stacking it to ridiculous heights without it toppling over. (35 container high ramen stack!)

Japan Sugoi found the silliest/most fantastic premise for a movie - Calamari Wrestler! I must see this immediately.

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The Elderly said...

Thank you for the link, appreciated.. the Calamari wrestling movie looks like a major box-office draw... I'll never touch a squid again as long as I live......