Thursday, August 9, 2007

Breed your own hero...

Remember when you could breed Chocobos in Final Fantasy? Well, that's so two generations ago. Now Kotaku reports that there's a game coming out called Record of Agarest. In addition to it being a SRPG, there is also the added feature of breeding your own hero. Please take breed in the very literal sense. You pick a female, woo her, get a "special movie", then the new hero is revealed, with his stats based on his mom/your conquest.Do we REALLY need a breeding program where the cattle are girls? That's just vile. If people want a hentai game, they'll just buy one. This is just unnecessary. (Jingai Makyo anyone? No premise and time killing SRPG involved! Ignis just wants to rid the world of tentacle monsters...nothing can go wrong there, amirite?) Jingai Makyo intro flash animation sfw, the rst, not so much.

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