Friday, August 10, 2007

Your MOM is a Skrull

Majorias News posted a link to an interview with current X-men writer Mike Carey. I don't know why they (CBR) bother with some of these interviews anymore, as they all boil down to "We'll see, keep reading" However, there was one passage I found rather amusing. I like sarcasm.

5) Is Mystique a skrull?

Yes. And so am I.

There you go, everyone. One skrull identified, many more to go. And on the topic of our favorite green aliens, TonyX was curious about something.

“With this whole skrull thing brewing, I assume we are going to find out that certain X-characters are skrulls. If this is the case, do you and the other writers already know who are skrulls? Or is there a surprise factor on your end too when you're told, ‘Oh yeah, Colossus? He's a skrull...'”

Well, speaking as a skrull, I've been involved in the planning of this invasion from an early stage. We're going to make you bleed out of your ears, human scum.

But seriously, I can't comment on your assumption. I can't even ‘no comment' on your assumption. I'm going to pretend you didn't ask that question.


Here is a Deviantart theory on why Wolverine may be a skrull.

Rogue as a skrull image by Ryan Kinnaird. Here is a link to the original piece on DevArt. To those that don't know - Rogue isn't a skrull at the moment. That's card art from the Marvel VS game. Rogue: Total Transformation

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