Thursday, May 31, 2007

Livejournal makes the internet explode!

Livejournal does a massive ban on "questionable content", as a result, tons of LJs disappear. The group "Warriors For Innocence" is claiming responsibility for the SA/LJ decision. (Not linking it because there is a rumor that their site has spyware. Unlikely, but still...)
LJ-ers respond violently, LJ backs down and restores most of them but not all. Oddly enough, the yaoi blogs died, but the shota blogs got restored. Riddle me that, Batman. The day is now known as the great LJ Strikethrough (strikethrough denoting blogs that have been deleted) goes down in history. This all happened in a day. The long version, in detail - I can hear you all now - tl;dr. So enjoy the shorter animeOnline version.

LJ's official statement:
The class of suspensions that are being reversed are;
All Fandom journals
All fiction journals
All journals who that had problems in their profile only
A large number of journals that are clear violations of our policies will remain suspended.

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