Monday, July 28, 2008

Shopping at MetroCon

nabiki_dollars Proper MetroCon report later, but for now I'll share the URLs of some of the booths that I shopped at. Give them your dollars!

My dollars went here mostly:

Haunted House - got a flipping wonderful commission from these ladies. It makes my eyes go *_* 13 shades of awesome, to be sure.

Anime Pagoda - picked up a cute little Sango-chan pin. Miroku was soooold out.

The Dark Side - got a UFS Chun Li starter deck and 10 packs of boosters (on sale for a dollah!)

Armada Games - didn't do much shopping at the booth, but they're super cool, my friends love them and I plan on visiting the store.

ello studios - got the cutest Wolverine plushie that I pawed on all day Saturday.

Kandy Girl Designs - got some buttons for me and the SO. Nice girls, they dig comics and gaming, like ME.

Nihonzashi - Japanese swordsmanship - Equipment, Supplies, Service and Training. Not going to lie, I can't afford their swords. But if you can, they are of very high quality.


Tofu Pimp - These girls are great artists, wonderful table neighbors and cute Sailor Moon cosplayers. Love them.

Unlazy - Another great artist in Artist's Alley

Kay Monster - my friend got a great sketch of all of the Flashes over the ages. Cool chickie!

Manganaise - a young artist with a great future. She won some stuff from the Tampa Bay Anime raffle. We snagged some stickers. Urd for me, Hinata Hyuga (edit: not Sakura as previously posted) for the SO

Hihoshi - Specialty Commissions and Caricatures. Good times.

EXP Con in St Augustine

MomoCon at Georgia Tech (this one has free admission!)


Sharp said...

Actually, it wasn't Sakura. It was Hinata Hyuga. Just, you know... wanted to clear that up.

electric goldfish said...

Oh noes! I shall fix it post haste. I have no idea who is who is Naruto, which is fairly obvious.

Funk Xero said...

nice post i'm behind in posting about metro lol